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[Parenting] SNS addicted children, parents must actively intervene

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

Parents should take the lead in stopping children from overusing SNS and spending meaningless time online.

Anne Longfield, a member of the British children's group, insisted that parents should actively intervene to prevent children from over-using the Internet.

Longfield believes that the major social networks are attracting children to spend more time online and has begun campaigning to help parents cope with these problems.

Longfield says children are looking at social networking like a candy, which is a very dangerous thing, and told kids that social networking is like junk food.

She also added that parents should have the same idea that their children use the Internet as if there is no parent wanting them to eat every time they eat junk food.

Meanwhile, Ofcom, a SNS industry auditor, said internet usage among media content used by children in their free time has already surpassed TV viewing. Children in the UK between the ages of 5 and 12 spend 15 hours per week using the Internet.

Longfield says social media use is like finding the right diet, saying, "Cell phones, social media, and games can feel losing their anxiety, stress, and control, This means that it has collapsed. As you can feel that the wrong way of eating is wrong somewhere, you have to find a recognition that it is wrong somewhere when you use social media. "

However, using SNS is not always bad. In the case of adolescents, the use of appropriate SNS was found to be more beneficial to mental health. So it's always important to spend time online.

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