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Losing a dog is terrible and sad. Pet owners who have experienced the death of a dog are sorrowful, recalling the days with the puppy. The puppy shares strong love and love with the owner. So why are the people who lost their dogs so sad that their daily lives are impossible? Psychologists recently published their findings at Conversation, a recent academic and research community.

Losing someone

According to psychologist Julie Axelrod, the owner who lost the puppy is sad because he simply did not lose the pet. For a person, a dog is a companion, a source of unconditional love, an object of comfort, and a self-preserving being.

Axelrod says millions of pet owners feel sad that others do not understand. If you do not understand the sadness of losing your pet, you may say to your pet owner, "Can you buy another animal?"

Why you can not live everyday when you lose a puppy

For some pet owners, losing a pet can be more painful than losing a close relative or friend. This is because people's daily lives and schedules are centered around pets. Research published in the ScienceDirect journal suggests that many dog ​​owners have heard or heard the puppy's barking even after the puppy has died. Especially, the person who had more time with the dog is more likely to experience illusion or hallucination.

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Accept pet death

Petross syndrome is the result of depression and sadness in such a way that it is impossible to live everyday after losing a pet. But Axelrod advises pet owners to be patient and face pain. If you lose a pet for a long time, it is natural that it is painful and sad. But if you do not hold your heart, the situation will only get worse.

If you have an opponent who can honestly tell you about your situation, it will help you get rid of the sadness of losing your pet. For example, share a sadness with a veterinarian or other pet owner. There are also groups made by owners who lost their pets. You can also go to a psychologist or counselor.

To organize things that puppies use

If the puppy's toys, blanket, rice bowl, bed, etc. remain in the house, the sadness will only increase. Axelrod recommends that you dispose of your pet's items, but do not remove them at once. Instead, it moves to something other than where it originally was. You can move things to places that are not visible to people, and then store them in a warehouse or donate them.

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Pet memories

Some people remember the pets by moving the remains of their pets to a crypt or planting trees where they are buried. In some cases, stones are made from pet remains. It is also good to create a scrapbook or album by editing photos and videos taken when your pet was alive. It is useful when you want to change your time with your pet.

How to make your child accept the death of a pet

It is not just adults who fall into sadness when they lose their pets. Children can also be sad because they lose their pets. However, there are children who do not know how to express grief or hide their sadness. Parents should help their children to accept the death of a pet, expressing sadness without feelings of guilt or shame.

A dog is a gift that changes the life of the owner and brings great happiness. The pets teach us patience, kindness, love, prank, and responsibility. Even if your pet ruins your valuables, we can be saddened. Remember that when you leave a pet that shared your space and mind, you will feel a great loss, but remember there are no boundaries and no schedule for sorrow. However, you should not let the grief overwhelm your daily life. You enter the stage of acceptance through negation, anger, depression, and negotiation. Keep your memories with your pet and go through this process well and accept the death of your pet.

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