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The cat does not reveal its feelings, and there is an image that it is a sassy animal. How do I get along with my cat?

"It is a natural act to sniff your butt," said Dr. Mikel Delgado, a veterinary professor at the University of California, USA.

If you know about cats' physical characteristics, you will be able to get close to cats quickly.

The smell more important than sight

It is hard to sympathize with your puppy even if you have raised a cat for a long time. One of the unacceptable behaviors of cat behavior is the smell of cats when they meet.

Mikel said, "The act of the cat smelling the hips is the act of finding the owner."

Because cats can distinguish people not only from sight but also from smell. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize that the cat is coming to the back as an expression of wanting attention, not an attack signal.

Body parts to be careful when touching cats

Gaby Dyann, a resident of Dublin, Ireland, said, "There are separate parts of the body that animals dislike when they touch it."

A sensitive body part should not be touched even if it is the owner of a cat.

The sensitive body parts of cats are feet and beards. Unlike people, cats are planetary animals that walk only with their toes. The tip of the toe is placed on the floor, and the material and temperature of the floor are sensed very sensitively. Many nerves are distributed between the toes and sensitive, so I hate touching my feet.

It is just like touching the body, but the latter part is like saying 'I hate'. It is one of the parts that you do not like when you touch the forelegs and hind legs. The part where the cat should not touch the most is the ship. When you touch a ship, the cat becomes very dislike of the owner.

Also, cat whiskers are highly developed sensory organs. The beard is distributed in the eyes, balls and legs of the cat, and feels sensible in space and temperature. Cats who have lost sight can also get used to the inside of the house because of the beard, and they can slip into small boxes.

Without a cat whisker, you may have problems with your sense of falling down without being able to detect obstacles in the dark, so you should not cut your beard uncomfortably.

To make your cat feel better

The owners, who do not know the cat well, touched anything and feel embarrassed to feel the cat's alertness is getting worse.

"If you want to be friendly with the cat, you can touch the part that cat likes," Duane advised.

Unlike a dog that you can touch anywhere, the part you like when the cat touches is very tricky. The cat's favorite part is the buttocks in front of the tail. I like touching the buttocks in front of the tail, but I hate it when I touch the tail. I also like touching the front of my head.

"When a cat puts his face on the owner's butt, it's a signal that he wants to know the owner," Delgado said. Although most cats differ from one cat to another, she adds that she likes stroking the back near the tail. to be.

Because it is a cat that does not know the inside of the cattle easily, the owner will be able to get close to the cat slowly while studying about the cat likes and dislikes.

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