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[Parenting] Teaching Children the Right Sharing Concept

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There is a saying that sharing is caring. Communicating with others is an essential virtue to learn from an early age.

Therefore, you should teach your child how to share it with others, whether it be food, toys, or dolls. Sharing is a way to make both the recipient and the recipient happy and happy.

Here are some tips for teaching your child the concept of sharing.

1. First, you should not force your child to give something to another child or adult. Children should not be punished or rebuked because they have shown selfishness. That way, the child gets angry with his parents' rules and has a bad perception of sharing.

2. Control over the item tells you that you have it. For example, if you say that you do not want to share your favorite toy with your friends, place the toy where children can not see it. Then your children can share their toys when they feel that it will be more fun to play with them together.

3. Teach your child not to "ask" for sharing with other children. Sharing is good but not essential. Therefore, children should know that there are limitations and restrictions on sharing. For example, if another friend is playing with a toy, you should let your child wait until the child's turn is over. Also, telling your child that you are bringing something to the school or your friend's house means that you are going to share the food or thing with the children there.

Sharing or sharing is a very positive thing, but there is a limit. You should not be forced to share by others, not your will. This should be an act that starts from itself, from love.

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