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[Parenting] The core of high-tech world that industry says, plastic


A pamphlet issued by the American Chemical Society contains a slogan that 'Plastics makes everything possible'.

The American Chemical Society is writing this slogan on all the materials that are exported for marketing purposes today.

Although silicon is considered to be important in consumer electronics technology, the industry says that the development of home appliance technology we are seeing is not without plastic.

The Plastic Association has published its annual Plastic Market Watch since the end of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2017.

The association noticed that 4,000 companies attending the fair and 200,000 industry representatives all paid attention to plastic, a key component in the development and production of consumer electronics.

According to the report on the plastics market, plastic plays a strong role in the emerging Internet-related products and digital products such as televisions, smartphones, tablet PCs and notebook computers.

Terry Peters, vice president of technology and industry at the plastics industry association, said, "People are not aware at first that plastics are entering electronics. But when people know that there are a lot of products that do not work without plastic, there's a real sense of how plastic plays a role in the products used in everyday life.

The plastics market status report says, "If you look at the electronics exhibition fair and look at the myriad products, the exhibitors will be able to find plastics and polymers in every product."

The association says plastics play an essential role in the functions and performance of engineering, design, functionality and cutting-edge technology.

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