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[Parenting] Parent’s role in helping children in the new term


At the beginning of the new semester, parents should prepare their child's new semester requirements, such as school supplies and timetables, and help them get out of their daily vacation and adjust to school life again.

Mina Flower Mound Huntington Learning Center Ana Martinez said there is a way for parents to help their children prepare for the new school year at the end of summer vacation. Here's how parents can help their children prepare for the new term:

New semester preparation advice for parents

1. Changing bed time

It is good to change your child's bedtime one week or a few days before the new semester begins. Because sleep patterns are very important for improving the learning outcomes of the first-cycle class, it is important for your child to maintain a good sleep pattern. Adapting to a new sleep pattern before the start of a new school year can make school life easier.

2. Brain movement

Let your child remember the memory associated with school life last semester. Also, before the new semester begins, your child should be able to practice basic math, read and write skills, and warm up the resting brain during the vacation. One week before the end of the vacation, it is also good to review what your child has learned in the last semester or to learn some of what you will learn in the new semester.

3. Space for homework

Let's choose a quiet space at home and have a space for your child to do homework.

4. Talk about new things

Remind your child that a new day will begin on the first day of the new semester. Update your family calendar with your child's new schedule, such as school exams or school activities, and put a calendar where your child can see it. Plan morning and evening work with your child and practice before the new semester.

5. Getting ready

Organize a list of your child's and your new term's needs, talk about how each of the preparations will be used in school, and help your child prepare for the new school year. If you choose your own pen or buy a notebook, the new term may be more enjoyable.

6. Meeting with your teacher

Children are also afraid in the new school year because of the new teacher. It's a good idea to help your child get used to the name and face of a new teacher on a school visit or on-campus event, or to search the school's graduation album for a teacher in advance. If your teacher sends you a welcome letter, read it with your child.

It is very important to communicate a clear message to your child. It does not prepare for the new semester in advance, and it increases the possibility that the child feels anxious about the new semester. At the end of the vacation, it is good to talk about the fun things that are expected in the new term with a positive attitude because your child can be stressed. If your child has a hard time in school, tell them that they will always help.

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