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[Parenting] The fastest animal in the world Cheetah

Photo Source: Wikimedia

Cheetahs are the fastest animals on earth.

Cheetah is really fast. But scientists were wondering why animals twice as big as a cheetah could not double the speed of a cheetah, and why they could not beat a cheetah in a running game.

A recent study suggests that the reason why animals larger than cheetahs can not run faster than cheetahs is ironically due to their size.

"Scientists have long struggled to tell that the largest animal is not the fastest," said Walter Jets, a professor at Yale University.

"In research we have discovered the simple fact that the energy is easily depleted before the animals lift their bodies as fast as possible."

"So theoretically, the largest animal can be the fastest, but you can not get the energy and time needed to accelerate the big body."

And the body of the cheetah is ideal for speeding up. The cheetah muscles have enough energy to reach maximum speed.

Studies of the speed of the cheetah have actually helped scientists better understand the nature of the animal and how it differs from basic hunting to food exploration.

Australian scientists Peter Bishop and Christopher Clemente told a journal, "The interesting part of the study is that these results are equally applicable to animals on land, air and water."

None of the animals can beat the speed of the cheetah. So what about people? No one can beat a cheetah.

We have a body type and size very similar to a cheetah. However, because of the way we survive, such as the diet we eat, we can not run at similar speeds as the cheetah.

Running at the same speed as a cheetah is not our goal at this time. Therefore, let's keep the competition between the animals for the time being between the animals, and let's put the confrontation between the human and the cheetah in the distant future.

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