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Fashion changes with the times. A man wearing a hat and wearing a tuxedo and a woman with long hair in a long dress to his toes. This fashion, which was seen in movies a long time ago, has undergone many changes since then. Modern women and men are not just covering their whole body with cloth, but they are creating various styles by wearing costumes suitable for sight, place and activity purpose.

For example, jeans become everyday clothing and enjoy exposure as needed. Swimsuits have long been transferred from a dress to a bikini for women, and men do not seek trunk style alone. As such, the perception of fashion has changed over time.

But even in an open social atmosphere today's parents still point to their children's attire. Children are more sensitive to fashion, while parents are reluctant to recognize their children's fashion awareness. Learn about the fashion and rational advice of your children.

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Fashion of young people today

There is a mother who often points out conflicts about the fashion of her 16-year-old daughter. This woman, Lisa Fisher, is one of many mothers who think her daughter's fashion is always inappropriate. Her daughter Jackie enjoys a comfortable flip-flop in jeans and a short style of jacket. Lisa tells her daughter not to wear it, but to go further, but that is only nagging.

Jackie does not even understand her nagging nagging. According to Jackie, attire is not only the best dress that you can show to others, but it also helps you build confidence.

In fact, Jackie's thinking is the universal idea of ​​most young people today. Psychotherapist Laurie Young defended the idea of ​​young people who want to be attractive, saying that sex hormones start when they are young. He added that every woman, especially of all ages, wants to look pretty.

Young people also do not realize that their fashion can not be tolerated by them, unlike the fashion that was popular in their parents' generation. In conclusion, since there is a great difference in the perception of fashion between parents and children, conflicts that can not be avoided are inevitable.

Professor Diane Levin of Willock University in the United States pointed out that these young people 's fashion awareness is influenced by the media. The media have an enormous influence on young people's fashion. For example, violent and active toys that appear in TV commercials are targeted at boys, and in the case of puppets dressed like princesses, they are intended to make girls dress the same as puppets.

This shows the influence of children as they enter their teens. Young women sometimes wear mini-skirts or exposed clothing to attract attention or other people's attention, which is far from the perception of the parents' generation.

Retail effect

The retail business also contributed. Most fashion brands today have a profound effect on making teenagers and teens mostly follow and buy. Mainly making fashion trends in today's fashion by creating t-shirts with printed patterns that are preferred by young people regardless of modern design and gender. For example, women's t-shirts are emotional and cute, making them feel like cuddling, but they also have fatal disadvantages.

It is a feminine and cute design that clearly distinguishes sex roles and promotes stereotypes of sex. Hannah McCann, a professor at Melbourne University in Australia, pointed out that these fashion companies are selling "sexism", basically men are dominant and women are becoming aware of these men.

Source: Packels

Advice on your child's fashion

It is certain that parents should give rational advice to their children's fashion when they see that media and retailing affect their children's perception of fashion. It is recommended that children be aware that their own fashion is not important, but that their presence is very important.

Heather Johnson, a professor at Brigham Young University in the United States, advised that parents and children should be allowed to choose a range of boundaries that they can tolerate. He explained that if it is necessary to buy new clothes, the whole family will go shopping together and buy clothes that are reasonably acceptable to everyone.

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