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Parents do not spare their children a great deal of support and love. But what I always thought was different from the result. Although I think that affection and love expression is enough now, it may not be for children.

This is because the child's expression does not match the parent's expression. The problem is in the language of love. Children who are rich in imagination and originality are very diverse in their ways of expressing and accepting love, but the way parents express it is very limited and monotonous. Knowing what your child's language of love is and knowing how to use it can make a big difference.

This may include parents having a good time with their child, physical contact, giving gifts, and so on. Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell's "Five Ways of Love in the Child" show that Chapman suggests that children take emotional distinctions in their love and that parents should be able to take care of their needs individually . If you want to feel that your child is being loved, you should learn to speak in your own love language.

5 languages ​​of love

Understanding the five languages ​​of love can help parents solve their child's emotional needs. Introduce these loving languages ​​suggested by Dr. Champman.

1. Physical contact

There are children who accept the language of love through physical contact with parents rather than physical gifts or language. For example, physical contact such as playing on the lap of a parent or driving a plane is an essential activity. Affectionate kisses and hugs are by far the best for children. These frequent physical contacts of parents can make children feel more love, feel safe and belonging.

2. A word of conviction

Children who say what they want and seek praise from their parents are more likely to feel love in the words of their parents. Parents' words are more clear and evident in the language of love than any other action. Parents should always express kindness, support and support to their child. This is the best motivation for children who want to hear praise, affection and positive words. It also helps to raise the inner sense of value and stability of the child. Children should keep in mind that they remember all the meaningless words that their parents have just skimmed through.

3. Good quality time

Children who want to get the full attention of their parents like to spend time with their parents rather than others. Having fun and having a fun time with parents is finally coming to the feeling that they are loved. Because these children think that their parents are like all of this world, they think that they are the most important when they spend their time with them and express their interest. However, you should know that what is important is not what you do, but the fact that you and your parents are together.

4. Service provision role

It is the case that parents feel love in activities such as repairing bicycles or repairing broken toys. It is important for parents to know exactly what services are really needed for their children. If you show your children what your favorite parent's actions are and show them how often you practice and show them, your child's happiness will be maximized. It allows the child to feel that he is not alone and there is always a dependable presence.

5. Gifts

There are, of course, children who accept parents' love as a gift. Gifts are more than just physical gifts for these children. I feel that my parents always think of me by receiving gifts. Even if the size is small or the price is low, it is not an obstacle at all. In this case, it is desirable to actively express the love of parents while giving small gifts often.

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