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Parents are very embarrassed if it is difficult to discipline them, or if they feel like they are in another world. I unconsciously look at other children sitting quietly in public places or listening to their parents well, asking "Why is my child different from them?" Or "How can I discipline myself?"

Anyone who has a child is at a loss. The most common misconception that parents think is that their children grow up and learn everything naturally. But this is miscalculation. If parents do not teach and direct their growing children, the child will not grow up properly.

Parents with the right mind can leave their child spoiled and uncontrollable? Be able to deal with your child with sufficient knowledge and solutions. Learn about the difficulties you may face as a parent and how to discipline children appropriately.

Irritating in public

Unlike parental expectations, few children will be irritated. However, there is only difference between whether or not to overcome the process under the guidance of parents. Of course, it is not solved naturally. If your child ignores irritation, you will grow into a depressed child, become a selfish adult through difficult adolescence, and finally a stubborn husband or wife.

Usually children get annoyed when they do not get what they want. There are children who laugh and cry on the floor in many places.

It is possible to solve this behavior, the problem of the child who makes the parent worse. When a child is irritable or crying, he or she will take action and either sit there. If your child continues to behave the same, you must leave the child at all costs or if the situation is uncomfortable. In this way, the children know how serious their words are. No matter how annoying I find out I can not get what I want, I will reduce the frequency of irritation.

Physical violence

Kicking, kicking, hitting, or biting is a physical violence that a child can do. Parents need to be punished when they show violent behavior, such as when a child is annoyed, to let them know that this behavior is not tolerated. However, you should not do the same thing like biting or hitting your child. If a parent shows such behavior, the child interprets that it is okay to do violent behavior.

Physical violence is also a kind of irritation and an expression of anger. Children feel relieved that they have avenged themselves by hitting the person who caused them.

The best way to deal with your child's behavior is to ask the child why he is angry. You should also ask what it is that can calm your anger. The child wants to know that their parents are listening to their words and understand their pain. Aggressive kids need positive parenting and thoughtful guidance.


At first, the children begin to lie trivially or without malice. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, an innocent lie or good-faith lie is defined as "a lie that tells the truth to someone, does not make angry, or is for polite behavior."

Even if the goal is good, if it is wrong to achieve the goal, it will develop into a bigger attitude problem. If proper discipline is not achieved, a child who lays a small lie grows up to be a bigger lie, making childcare more difficult.

If a child lies, he should remind him that he will forgive even if he makes a mistake. And let them know that admitting fault is better than lying.

Fear of sleeping

If you do not want to turn off the lights every night you want to play, let's see why. If you are a child who is afraid of falling asleep at night, you need to get rid of that fear first. You can go out with your child to hear a cricket, point to a tree, and use your fingers to point out the shadows created by the tree.

With the love that parents give, the child can overcome fear. Sometimes children are afraid that things are not real and can make sure everything is okay.

Raising a child means doing a lot of work. It is purely for the parents to let the child grow into a better person. If you show problem behavior, you need to spend time and discipline regularly. It is hard to fix anything at once, but it will be effective if the parents are educated with patience first.

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