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All parents should support their child's financial, moral, and emotional aspects and lead them to lead a positive life for themselves. However, when a young child suddenly falls into adolescence and experiences adolescence, she tries to escape the protection of her parents. Everything that a child experiences at this time is a process that must go through for growth and maturity.

Especially in the time of meeting with the opposite sex and dreaming of romance, we should understand the emotionally sensitized child more and give positive advice.

Teen and date

Children are not interested in toys or cartoons that they liked when they were teenagers. Instead, he opens his eyes to reason, dreaming of a romantic relationship with his peers and pondering about it. It is like a romance that comes out to the movie to have a so-called 'date' with your favorite friend. At this time, the children experience various kinds of emotions that they have never experienced before, and their role becomes more important.

Dating is also a very sensitive topic for teenagers. It is important for the parent to ensure that the child does not feel sensitive and distrusted without giving the child attention. To do this, listen to your child's words and guide them in the right way. For example, advice on when to start dating the best.

Ron Digger, a pediatrician, explained that it is best to start dating when he turns 16. Clinical psychotherapist Leslie Beth Weissi also said that if she was 16 or older she would be a good date to go out with. At this age, he says, he can actively participate in household chores, have an attitude of respect for others, and is in need of managing emotions. However, it is a good idea for parents to determine their child's personality and maturity separately to determine the most appropriate time.

The Truth About Dating

Parents should first realize that dating is an extremely normal behavior if the child reaches a certain age. In other words, it means that there is nothing wrong with the friend of the opposite sex. It is not good for parents to object to dating when they are sensitive and able to handle their emotions properly.

Also, you should encourage your child to actively live his or her life. It is a good idea to make sure that you have independence rather than control your child's life so that you can act accordingly. The child is still the time to learn much in life. The best thing you can do with your child at this time is conversation. Parents should be honest about how their child feels about dating with others and give them a certain limit. Some of the important facts parents should know about their teen's date are revealed.

1. Teenager lacks relationship skills

Children who live in the present age grow and grow in a way different from the life that their parents have experienced. There is a certain amount of discrepancy in knowing the ideas and ideas related to dating from movies or books that parents have seen as a child. In addition, in today's technologically advanced society, most young people rely on social media, even social media to satisfy their love and interest. Parents should be able to tell them what the real and true dates are, and teach them that loving someone may not end with romance.

2. Better prepare your children to communicate with their parents

From an early age, parents should be able to talk about their child and other topics. For example, letting people think openly about their personal values ​​and continuing conversations about various lives. This, of course, can also be related to dating.

3. Teenagers also need privacy.

You should be able to clarify your child's privacy. When a child learns that they believe in themselves and respect their privacy, they feel more confident and open their hearts to their parents.

4. Continuous guidance is needed.

Parental guidance is limited. You may have to intervene in your child's life with the belief that you must protect your child. But anyway, all of these things should be reminded that trying to help your child is a top priority.

Rules for dating your child

Some rules or restrictions are necessary for the right date of your child. For example, knowing what kind of person your child likes and what kind of personality they have. It is also good to consider online dating and romance to suit your child's growing environment. To be able to recognize the reality of online and actual dating, and to be able to perceive a variety of distortions on-line. And in fact, if your child starts dating, it's a good idea to set a time to come home and let the child keep the rules.

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