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In addition to cuteness and cuteness, the cat has a noble sense of unique mystical atmosphere. So is it. There are many places in the world that care about cats. Among the countries that are particularly famous for saving cats are Egypt, which has a cat goddess, Turkey, which is a city of cats, Turkey, and Japan, which is famous for a cat.

Thailand is also the second to love cats. I think it is very important that the cat is appreciated.

In Thailand, there are cats that are especially precious. Khao Manee, a royal Thai cat named White Jewel.

History of Kaomanni

Kaomanni literally means "white jewel," has been known for hundreds of years as a royal cats in Thailand. According to, Kaomanni was able to exclusively breed and possess only in the royal family of Thailand. Therefore, this breed was considered the most sacred in Thailand. And kept secrets in western countries for centuries. In fact, Kaomanni's exports have been strictly protected, and in 1999, Kaomanni varieties were introduced in the United States.

In addition to its royal status, Kaomanni is also mentioned in the ancient book "Tamra Maew", and it is said to have existed in the Ayutthaya period of the 12th and 16th centuries.

Physical characteristics of Kaomanni

Kaomanni is known for its 'diamond eye' because it is so special that it is often described as a diamond-like eye. The eyes of Kaomanni are golden, blue, and green, but the odor of different colors makes Kaomanni more special.

Kaomanni has a gem-like eye with a pure white fur and a heart-shaped face. And muscular durable body is covered with soft white short hairs.

Kaomani's character

A typical cat is known for its coldness, but Kaomani likes to communicate with humans and to hold it in the bosom of his master.

Kaomanni is more playful and active than the majestic figure. This breed loves to receive the attention of the owner and has a special bond with humans. And Kaomanni behaves like a puppy who welcomes guests at home. He loves throwing things with his master, and he asks the master happily whatever he throws.

Health of Kaomanni

Kaomanni is healthy overall. However, since Kaomanni is rarely grown outside Thailand, there is little known health information about this variety. However, it is known that it breeds naturally and does not suffer from deformities or diseases due to artificial crossing, but like other cats with blue eyes on white hair, Kaomanni also tends to suffer from hearing impairment.

Kaomanni's hair trim

Kaomanni has little underlying hair, and has short or medium length hair. Because of this, Kaomanni does not spend much time cleaning the hair.

It is recommended that Kaomanni brushes once a week to remove fine hairs or to remove dust from hair. And it is necessary to regularly check skin and ear infections.

Because Kaomanni is at high risk for burns and skin cancer due to its white hairs, owners are advised to refrain from overexposing the cat in the sun.

Pet Kaomanni

Kaomanni is the perfect life for a family that can pay much attention. Active, playful, and curious, Kaomani likes to interact with people. Therefore, it takes a considerable amount of time to cultivate this creature, and it is good to develop a bond.

And if you are planning to go to Kaomanni, it is a good idea to have enough space in Kaomani's house to play. And you should also set up a playroom where these lovely and curious cats can climb or hide.

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