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A kitten is a lovely being in itself. Just because you are around makes you feel happiness and joy. However, because they are still at an immature stage, it is imperative that they always follow and follow careful management. It is also necessary to have education in order to harmonize with people in the house.

At some point the kitten knows how to go to the bathroom and can work on his own. Of course, if the cat is taught and trained before, it can be learned more quickly. This is due to the behavior of kittens mimicking the behavior of their mother during the first six weeks of life. However, if you are separated from your mother early on, you should take the role of a guardian to eliminate confusion.

Kitten and toilet

As a guardian, the most important thing is to know the feelings and feelings of kittens. Once you get used to it, you can get a better sense of why the cat does not use the bathroom or why you are reluctant to go to the bathroom. And toilet training becomes easier.

Most cats begin to use the toilet once and they can easily adapt to their dung in their dirt. However, if you feel that the toilet itself is not a comfortable place, you can cause problems while not using it. In this case, it is effective to place the restroom in a more private place so that the cat can see his work without any anxiety.

If there is more than one cat, it is better to give each one separate toilet. This is because the nature of securing cats can cause attacks or fights. If you have enough money, it is good to have an extra toilet. For reference, when choosing a toilet, you should purchase something that matches the size of your cat.

The place where the toilet is to be placed should be easily accessible by the cat. If the cat's size is very small, it is helpful to lower the jaws and place the stairs at the entrance of the toilet. Or use an old frying pan or other small plastic container that you do not use. Some cats, however, may not like to have a toilet in an enclosed space, so it is good to have a toilet in a wide open area. Once you know what your cat is about, let's choose the best place for them and have a toilet.

In addition, care should be taken not to smell other odors or odors in the bathroom, so as not to irritate the sensitive nose of the cat. Let's put on the litter that does not smell. Since the young kittens do not know anything, they may eat other cat feces. This can cause digestive problems, and it is important for caregivers to observe carefully when the kitten is using the toilet.

Patience is essential

Even if the cat learns to go to the toilet and ask for the excrement, the toilet still gets dirty and odor is likely. Cats do not like odorous and dirty washrooms. This can be a factor in avoiding toilets.

The protector should be cleaned as soon as the excrement is piled up. It is advisable to change it at least once a day. Toilet cleaning is done every week. When cleaning, discard all the trash and wipe it with water using odorless soap.

The most important thing when raising a kitten is the patience and patience of the guardian. Although the kittens may think that they do not know anything, they act and express constantly in order to attract the attention of the caregiver. It is a trivial task to make a cat yell or forcibly act, which can be stressful and should be avoided. Let's not forget that it is far more effective to point out in another desirable way, instead of slapping or screaming because you see elsewhere.

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