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[Parenting] Parents must actively participate in

Photo: Pixar Bay

The school is a learning institution, and the teacher is a person who communicates knowledge to students. On the other hand, students must listen, participate, and digest the lectures given to them.

However, there are a few students who are not interested in learning or are lacking in learning now. Parents with these children also need roles.

Parents send their children to school. It is the right of a child to be educated, and he can acquire the necessary knowledge at school.

Being a parent does not just mean giving birth to a child. Make sure your child meets all of your needs.

Education is one of their needs and is an integral part of raising children.

Child care is the first thing that starts at home.

Parents teach children how to say first, guide them when they take their first steps, and teach them how to behave.

From childhood, the child will remember and practice everything that he has learned. And new learning is a milestone for children.

A child who starts learning at home reaches out on the extension line at school.

The only difference between home and school is learning. In this situation, both teachers and parents should try to broaden their knowledge.

Parents should supervise their children's appearance at school. You should be able to ask if there are any school projects or tasks and how to proceed with them.

Parents must participate in the education of their children, but it is a reality that dual-income couples are hard to participate in the education of their children.

Experts, however, stressed that parents should be aware of their role and that children's learning should not stop at school.

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