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[Pet] A lot of charming and charming cats, Persian Chinchilla


Persian Chinchilla is a very mild, quiet, and gentle cat.

The Persian chinchilla is in fact a member of the Persian cat, and the name chinchilla is derived from the name of the rodent chinchilla. The search for Persian chinchilla is similar to that of chinchilla.

The Cats Association (CFA) defines Persian chinchilla as a cat that is searched for a Persian cat in silver and gold.

But some cat lovers say they should recognize Persian chinchilla as a separate breed. Because the Persian cat is a face with the nose pressed, whereas the Persian chinchilla is the round face. The face with the nose pressed is a single dog such as a pug or a bulldog if it is a dog.

Cats with flat nose are vulnerable to excessive snoring, respiratory illness, and inflammation.

Anyway, the Persian chinchilla inherited the calm and temperate temperament of the Persian cat.

The Persian chinchilla is a cat that fits very well, loves peace and expresses love to its owner. It does not cry quietly, but it only shows a small voice. It also features large round eyes.

Persian chinchilla eyes are mainly green or blue, and hairs are silver, gray, and black. The outline of eyes, nose, and mouth is deep and distinct.

The search for Persian Chinchillas divides professionally into three. Chinchilla Silver, Chinchilla Blue Silver, and Chinchilla Gold. Silver features a white undercoat with some black hair, a red nose, a black contour around the eyes and mouth, and a black soles. Blue silver features a little gray hair, rosy nose, blue eyes, gray or rosy soles on a white undercoat. Golden features a pale yellow or apricot undercoat with some black hair, a rosy nose, a black eye contour, and a black soles.

As mentioned above, the Persian chinchilla is very suitable as a cat, but because it is hairy and long, you should be confident to manage your hair. The hair of Persian chinchilla should be blended daily and should be bathed regularly.

Though it may be difficult to manage the hair compared to other varieties, you may not be able to get out if you fall in the charm of the sweet and lovely Persian chinchilla.

A cat 'deacon' who has been raising Persian chinchilla for over 40 years already said, "Those who raised Persian chinchilla insist on persian chinchilla again. I can not imagine life without these children, "he said.

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