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▲ Cute Smart Tree around the cute cat (Source = Pixar Bay)

If you just keep quiet, you can hear it somewhere! There are sculptures on the floor that have disappeared on the floor and have lost their shape, and an insatiable cat that looks at it without care.

It is not a day when a cute and cute cat suddenly turns into an annoying trigger. What kind of a cat's habit of disposing of all the obstacles in front of him with simple paws in the face of something big or serious does not it come from?

For some people who want to live a better life with their cat, disclose some things that can explain this habit of a cat.

Behavior Factors of Cat Drops

1. Wild habit that can not be abandoned

If you think that a cat is living at home and is 100% tamed, it can be mistaken. According to experts, the act of pushing and dropping things like this in cats is just one step in ensuring that they can be fed or not. In other words, it is your own confirmation procedure to judge whether the object is actually alive or not.

2. Draw attention

If it suddenly makes a loud noise, it will surely find the cause of the sound. It is very likely that the cats were aiming for the behavior of these caregivers. Whether it is a book, a frame, or a bowl, the cats already know that if a man ruthlessly drops everything in his paw, he will soon be rushed.

However, this behavior is likely to cause many cats when they feel lonely. Or when you have lost your affection or forgot to give you time to feed your cat. Amy Shosai, an animal behavior consultant, said cats are doing well because they are manipulating animals, so they see these behaviors in order to get what they want.

3. Endless boredom

Cats living at home rarely use hunting skills that are their own. Besides, if the protector does not play with him, he has to kick himself with his paw. Eventually, the victim becomes an unspecified multi-object.

4. Desire to explore

A cat looks very much like a child. It means that there is a lot of curiosity. So as a part of curiosity, you just hit everything around you. This behavior can be seen as a way of exploring and exploring the environment surrounding him.

5. See the protector's response

I know that if a clever cat who has seen a few times dropping things, his guardian is in vain and rushes right away, his guardian will always run again next time. Enjoying this protector response can also be one of the crazed desires of a cat.

However, if the protector can not set up preventive measures or preventive measures in such a long play, the cat's playfulness will be endless.

▲ Cat playing hide and seek (Source: Pixar Bay)

precautionary measure

If your cat has such a habit, and you have experienced many times, it will be a matter of urgency for you to make your future thinking less. One of the solutions is to move the very fragile parts of your stuff, especially glass or ceramics, away from the cat's paw. It may seem like a very simple solution, but it can also be an intricate problem if there is no place to go because of the cat's high jump. It is usually better to put it safely in a large, sturdy box that cats can not or can not open, rather than placing them on countertops, shelves, desks, tables and other open and likely places. Another way is to buy toys that can please other cats to keep their precious things. The key here is distraction. If you are chewing, banging and knocking and become a junk but not at all related to other valuables of your caregiver, it is effective to have plenty of these toys to help you cautiously urge your cat to release energy.

If you have a baby, it may be helpful to have a so-called 'babysitter' role to act as your baby's nanny. If the cat directly shakes the baby 's cradle and lays the baby, there will be nothing more productive than a cat and play for the cat. Especially if the intelligence of the cat is high and it is thought that it will help to work, it is good to actively put the cat in the household.

However, if this behavior of the cat persists, you need to figure out what the cat is currently needing. What they really want is to act to attract the caregiver's attention. For example, checking first whether the current temperature is cold or hot for a cats or whether it is sick or hungry is really helpful in preventing cat behavior problems. The caregiver should provide diverse environments that can improve the mood of the cat, such as giving food at appropriate times, playing it frequently and showing affection.

Some cats may want another cats to play with. If you have another cat to accompany you, they can be a good playmate relationship. Also, since it is never lonely at any time, the time to worry about other things is reduced.

The last way is simply ignoring the cat's behavior. In the sense that the cat will not listen to what you want, you can hear the sound of the other place, but just ignore it. If you pay attention to these behaviors, the cats will repeat the same habits, so they will show you a gesture that you will not care at all.

▲ Cat playing with rat puppet (source = Pixar Bay)

The final conclusion?

The bottom line is that cats are just loyal to themselves, acting according to the instincts of their animals. If you have a hunter's temperament, you should hunt, of course, if you need to tell your guardian.

As mentioned earlier, cats are like little children, so they should hug themselves, express their love and love, and sometimes try to understand their unintelligible behavior. Moreover, living with pets is a key to steady endurance, so it is wise to seek prevention while understanding animal behavior.

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