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The hairball often occurs due to the nature of the cat that often grooming. Letitia Fanucchi, an animal activist at Washington State University, said hairball is a phenomenon found in all cat varieties and that many hairballs can occur because of the stiff tongue of a cat. It is only a matter of time to cough or vomit due to the hairballs that are sticking in the intestines.

Natalia Borrego, a researcher at the University of Minnesota Lion Research Center, explained that the protrusions on the tongue of wild cats were caused by a functional reason for bones from the meat, do. Matthew Johnston, associate professor at Colorado State University, noted, however, that hairballs are more likely to cause inflammatory bowel syndrome in the intestines.

Let's find out how to improve the health of cats.

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Cat hairball

In 2015, a wildlife sanctuary in Kinsberg, Colorado, USA, was eradicated from the stomach of an African lion, Arthur, to remove a large hairball, nearly 2kg. Arthur received treatment at the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center after surgery. Eat less and less weight than before.

Hairballs are often found in cats and animals. Domestic cats, especially long-haired Persian and Meikun species, especially in the hairballs are born a lot. Because of their grooming habits, more hair is swallowed and hairballs accumulate in the intestines.

However, kittens do not have hairballs at first, but due to the careful grooming nature of cats, hairballs are inevitable. This phenomenon is accepted to be extremely normal.

Cats occasionally discharge hairballs through coughing, vomiting, and excretion. The guardian should check with their veterinarian for health when these symptoms begin to appear. Symptoms such as sudden loss of appetite, constipation, diarrhea and lethargy may also be signals related to hairballs.

Hairball treatment

Although hairballs are an unavoidable phenomenon, caregivers should try to minimize hairballs through a variety of tasks. Here are some suggestions.

1. Regular hair trim

In order to reduce cat hairballs, caregivers must regularly brush cat hair through combs and brushes. If the hair is trimmed in advance, the chances of the cat grooming will be reduced. But if you do not have it, it is better to leave it to a professional hairdresser.

2. Removing hairball

There is also a diet that is designed to reduce the number of cat hairballs as much as possible. These feeds keep cat fur healthy and reduce the number of hairs lost. It also helps hairballs digest from the stomach.

3. Hairball products and emollients

In addition to food, there are various products and medicines related to hairball. If you take a laxative that easily induces bowel movements, the digestive tract does not go crazy.

4. Excessive grooming surveillance

The most important thing is to prevent the cat from over-grooming. It is desirable to train them to focus on other plays or activities so that they do not become obsessed with grooming.

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Hair trim

The US pet group ASPCA said it can remove the dirt, oil, dead hair, and other residues from the fur by brushing cat hair. In addition, brushing can improve blood circulation and overall skin condition.

The caregiver should first take a quick look at the condition of the hair before brushing. Normally healthy hair is naturally smooth and glossy, and there are no parasitic signs of hair loss, flea or ticks. It is normal that no wounds or other strange signs are seen.

When brushing, use a rubber brush for short lengths and a talcum powder mat-splitters for long hair, depending on the length of the hair, to effectively remove the hair.

However, if you see vomiting or excretion of hairballs in such regular care, it is wise to take them immediately to the veterinarian.

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