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As the number of people who think of pets as family increases, the fashion of pets is getting richer. Just like a piece of clothing is a wing, a pet dressed up in a cute way pleases the owner's heart. This is also the case with developed countries. Pet's interest in fashion is a worldwide trend, and in fact in the United States, fashionable dogs dress up nicely through the National Dress Up day, which takes place every January 24th.

How much do we know about pets' costumes and fashion? What kind of fashion is happening recently when pet clothes have begun? Let's join together in the funny story from now on.


The pet's fashion market has been steadily growing over the years. As the industry boomed, various trends were created, and related festivals appeared and the market is expanding. However, the fact that these pets' costume culture has existed since ancient times, not modern. In fact, in this culture, which was originally initiated by ancient Greek forces, pets wore leather shoes or boots, in order to protect themselves from cold eyes and keep them warm. Since then, the costumes of pets have gradually developed and diversified.

Show off your personality

Modern costumes, however, are becoming more and more widespread as a part of fashion rather than function and utility. What if it is an important point that can not be missed in fashion? It is unequaled personality. Dogs and other animals, like people, can show off their individuality through costumes, cheerful, smart or tough and rough looking.


However, the most important thing for a pet's costume is to be able to feel comfortable with clothes and be able to come up with a fun experience at the same time. If a pet is dressed, restricted in behavior, or uncomfortable, this can not be a proper outfit. It is a good idea to make sure that your pet is not an accessory to put on the clothes you want to wear and that you do not feel uncomfortable about wearing clothes.

Pippa Huchison, a clinical animal activist, says that if a pet is able to carry out its usual actions, such as walking, resting, and using the restroom, without worrying about clothes, And that it is not an issue.

Safety first

Safety should also be considered when putting on pets. For example, avoid scarves or accessories that swallow your neck too hard. Experts point out that the safety and comfort of dogs must be recognized first in front of the fashion.

Source: Pixar Bay

How to choose the perfect fit

1. Materials - Materials of clothing are very important. If the weather is cold, applying wool material will help to keep warm, and when it is hot, it is better to choose cool cloth. The fabric may also cause side effects such as causing itching in the skin, and it is generally preferable to choose a cotton material with good breathability.

2. EVALUATION - It is a good idea to take a careful look at reviews of clothes that other caregivers have rated. If you buy clothes online, you should be able to identify the good and bad reviews and buy the right clothes.

3. Dimensions - Clothing that is too big or too small to fit the size of a pet can constrain the movement of the animal. There may also be clothes that are comfortable or uncomfortable for each type of foam, so it is a good idea to buy clothes that fit your pet size.

Fashion Competition

As the costumes and fashion of pets have become a business, related festivals and conventions are taking place. Especially, there are many contests where protesters and pets walk on stage together and show off fashion.

Judges evaluate pet apparel based on different criteria, which is usually the largest part of creativity and originality. There are also a wide range of contests and themes to assess whether the dress reflects the theme or concept of the contest, whether it is close to a movie character, historical costumes, or whether the protector creativity is revealed.

In fact, putting clothes on a pet is a good part of being unable to be defined by the answer of bad. Some protestors insist that they cling to clothes, while others do not need to dress. However, if you feel that your pet is safe and uncomfortable, and if it is visually cool, it may be a good idea to buy clothes with an interest in your pet's fashion.

However, if a pet is shy and sensitive, getting fashionable clothes and people's attention can cause side effects. After all, it is most important to carefully consider various factors such as dog 's disposition and temperament, and then decide whether or not to wear the costume.

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