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[Pet] dog brain disease, puppy ‘meningitis symptoms’ and causes and remedy?


Meningitis is a brain disease that causes people to have high fever above 38 degrees C and symptoms such as headache, muscle pain, nausea, and vomiting. Meningitis can occur not only in humans but also in dogs raised in the home. Meningitis, a dog brain disease, is also a disease that causes inflammation of the brain and meninges. It is a way to stay happy with a dog for a long time, to know the cause and symptom of the meningitis of the dog and to thoroughly manage it because the dog whose average life span is shorter than the person goes to the person.

What Causes Puppy Meningitis?

The cause of meningitis in dogs is infected with bacteria, viruses, fungi and the like as immunity weakens. Or by diseases such as canine measles or central nervous system lymphoma sarcoma. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the symptoms of meningitis in dogs by eliminating factors that may cause normal meningitis in dogs.

Symptoms and methods of testing for meningitis in dogs

Puppy meningitis may cause puppies to become depressed or cause seizures. If one of these symptoms of meningitis develops, it is advisable to take it to a veterinary clinic for treatment of puppy meningitis, as it will cause paralysis, convulsions, changes in behavior, loss of sight, and loss of athletic ability. There are chest, abdomen, cephalogram, cytology, CT, MRI, blood and CSF. Of these, MRI is essential for the cause of brain disease, diagnosis, and confirmation.

What about treating meningitis in dogs?

Treatment of dogs with meningitis is through antibiotics or immunosuppressive drugs. Immunosuppressive drugs are mainly steroids, cyclophosphamide, and azathioprine. The treatment can proceed with immunosuppressive drugs and preservative treatments such as sap, and the treatment is delayed to slow the deterioration of the symptoms of the meningitis of the dog through continuous administration of the oral medicines. The duration of treatment varies depending on the cause of meningitis in dogs. Unfortunately, it is difficult to cure 100% yet. In some cases, you can live without any problems after treatment, and if you have severe side effects or paralysis, you can always check your dog's health.

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