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If you are a puppy right now, you should know how much this life is comforting and less stressful. Even if I look at the puppy sleeping, I feel warm and happy.

According to Dobby Hughson, an animal communicator, it is believed that when pets are raised, they release chemicals that make them feel better in the body and relieve stress.

"Just a simple act of touching a pet can release serotonin, melatonin, and endorphins, which can make them feel peace and happiness," explained Hughson.

Every puppy has the ability to make you feel better, but there are breeds that more effectively relieve anxiety. This breed is also known as a therapeutic dog because it is effective in lowering human stress. If you have anxiety, consider the breed below. I will give you a great comfort and happiness.

1 boxer

The boxer has a strong and ferocious appearance, but is the best cure for those with anxiety because of his nature to protect others. The boxer is inherently capable of sensing the owner's feelings, effectively protecting the owner.

Usually, when a boxer senses anxiety, he or she will sit comfortably in his arms or sit next to him quietly until his anxiety disappears. If you detect something is wrong, protect it by your side to make it safe.

2 Bulldogs

It is suitable for people with anxiety because they have a quiet and relaxed personality. Compared to other breeds full of energy, the bulldog has a calm and quiet temperament and gives people peace of mind. Bulldogs can be a strong bond with their owners and are considered the most beloved breed.

3 Newfoundland

Newfoundland is known for its watery and affectionate nature. When the owner swims or goes to the beach together, Newfoundland acts like a master. It does not matter if you are afraid of water. Newfoundland is a great help in relieving the anxiety of the owner. However, Newfoundland is a large dog and is not suitable for people living in a small house. Instead, he is a faithful puppy who shows love and devotion to his master.

4 Great Den

It is known as 'Apollo in dogs' because of its affectionate nature. This breed has the best gentleman character. It is a big dog, but it brings joy to people by being very friendly. It also affects people with anxiety.

5 Labrador Retriever

It is the most popular among treat dogs because of its affectionate personality and high intelligence. Labrador Retriever is easy to manage at home. Compared to Newfoundland and the Great Danes, it is a small size and is suitable for most families. In addition to the function of a therapeutic dog that relieves human anxiety, it is also suitable for service dogs and rescue dogs for the disabled.

6 poodle

If you prefer small dogs that can easily sit on your lap, consider a poodle. Poodles are suitable for people with panic disorder. Not only looks are cute, but also has a talent that makes people feel relaxed. Poodles are highly intelligent, helping those who are inherently anxious, and are a breed of faithful to their master.

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