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[Pet] a good friend, Belgian Malian noise

▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

Malian Noise in Belgium is a sheep dog that looks like German Shepherd, mainly a police dog or guard dog. Of course, it is also suitable as a domestic dog. At first glance, it is hard to distinguish from German Shepherd. Malian Noise, Belgium, is one of four Belgian herder dogs and has been recognized as an independent species since 1959 in the United States. The Malian noise has short brown hairs and the face is black. Other Belgian readers include Gronandal, Tebilon, and Laquenoise.

Belgian Mali Noise and German Shepherd differ in physical characteristics and temperament. The Malian noise is a little smaller and lighter than the German Shepherd. German Shepherd has a slightly tilted back as he goes toward the tail, but Maligne is not. The face of Malinoise was distinct and sophisticated in outline. German Shepherd has a smaller face and a triangular ears than Malian Noise.

Malinise is generally gentle, self-assertive, and alert to strangers. It does not adapt well to sensitive, agile and aggressive training methods. So if you are the first person to raise a puppy, you should avoid selecting Mali Noise. It is not suitable for people who have long time to leave their dogs alone, such as those who leave the house for long periods of time or who frequently leave the trip.

Malinose is also friendly with young children and likes to work with family members. However, because of the habit of being a sheep dog, children and dogs do not have to be single because they tend to run 'behind the wheel'. Children should also be taught the proper way to approach the dog.

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