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The National Palace Museum in Beijing, China, we are better known as the Forbidden City, where 23 guard dogs form a patrol. These dogs hold 1.86 million artifacts, representing 42% of the country's precious cultural heritage.

The leader of the guard dog unit is the 59-year-old Pumuma. He has worked as a guard at the Museum since the 1980s. At that time, the security guards and sound detectors in the exhibition room were the only security measures.

Supernatural phenomenon

Chang said that he kept the Forbidden City by himself day and night, and that he was afraid of ghosts and supernatural phenomena. This was derived from urban legends. So he took his first guard dog, Germanman Shepherd, Tiger, and started to stand guard at night.

He regained his courage thanks to Tiger. At the time, however, a large dog was banned in Beijing, so Tiger was sent to the countryside.

After a short time after seven stolen historic treasures were stolen from the jewelery shop, Chang persuaded the authorities to raise guard dogs. He confessed that the security guard had to look helplessly at the thief over the wall.

As a result of this incident, Chang organized a patrol patrol at the museum. Dogs have returned to the Forbidden City since 1987. Chang was promoted from the dog trainer to the puppy training school director.

He started training in a rural or police station, collecting four month old puppies that were selected for training.

Customized training courses

The window wandered around the area and discovered the talents of each dog. Some dogs have picked up the ball well. In other words, it has excellent tracking ability. Some dogs responded well to very fine odors, some dogs were very active and ran on objects to catch biting.

He began training, saying that dogs' chasing and biting ability was the greatest enemy to thieves.

Guard dog training starts at 4:30 am. The training site is the entire Forbidden City. But the morning practice should end before 7 am, when the Forbidden City employees come to work.

After 5:30 pm, training is resumed. After the gates are closed at night, guard dogs begin their work at night. That's why most employees and visitors do not realize that guard dogs work here.

The museum with the most visitors

The Forbidden City is the most visited museum in the world. In 2017, 16.7 million people visited the site. It has a huge scale of 720,000 square meters, so security is very difficult. Guard dogs sometimes find people hiding in the museum at night. If these intruders did not damage or steal anything, they will be released soon.

Guard dogs are working in patrols to prevent potential accidents and prevent damage to national treasures. There are dogs all over the place for tight security.

The museum director Shan Jingang said the Forbidden City has a very comprehensive security system that combines people, dogs and machines. Chang said that while people can not tolerate drowsiness and machines sometimes malfunction, dogs may notice oddities while sleeping. That is, guard dogs are the most reliable line of defense.

The guard dogs retire when they are 7 years old. Older guard dogs can not catch up with the 20 strongest thieves.

▲ Source = Flickr

Serbian detainees take care of organic dogs

On the other hand, in Serbia, the prisoners in the largest prison in the country take care of the dogs. There is an animal shelter for the dogs at Slemskhetrobicha prison. Inmates can take care of their dogs and re-socialize, and dogs in the city can find warm nesting places.

The agency explained that it is the role of animal shelters in prisons to help prisoners establish consensus through interaction with animals and to acquire new skills that can be used after returning to the community. However, the prisoners who can participate in this project are those who have committed a relatively light crime, especially those with experience in raising dogs.

Meanwhile, Derek Burn, director of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service in the Cayman Islands, said police detective dogs and policemen will make a comeback to patrol streets and public beaches. They are discovering a wide range of marijuana use in cities and beaches. These dogs are helping people in various places.

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