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In addition to dogs and cats, pet rabbits are soaring in popularity. Appearance is of course lovable but sociable, and the role of a friend or companion can also be fulfilled. However, it is more difficult to manage than dogs or cats, so you should spend more time and care.

Let's find out what to watch out for raising a rabbit as a pet.

Safety issue

According to Pet Professional Media Pet Finder, rabbits can be raised both at home and outside the home, but it is better to keep them safely in the room as possible. This is because rabbits are extremely sensitive to temperature. If you reach the extreme weather of summer or winter, you may have difficulty adapting.

However, even if it is raised indoors, various safety related problems may arise and care is required. For example, toxic plants and electric cables, which are bad for rabbits, can become dangerous objects and it is good to move them out of reach. Also, there should be enough free space for the rabbits to be able to run and play as if they were living in their own habitat.

It is easy for some protesters to think that raising rabbits in the house will stir up the whole house and ruin the furniture and supplies. However, since rabbits are animals that can be tame enough through training like cats or dogs, you can cope with them by practicing toilets or cages. Toilets are filled with newspapers and hay.

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Food can be provided in a variety of ways, including hay, vegetables and fruits. In particular, hay must feed timothy grass hay, which is good for digestion, to prevent a variety of health problems such as hairballs, diarrhea and obesity.

For greens, rabbits that have already grown to some extent are advised to eat leafy vegetables, parsley, coriander leaves, collard greens, and endive. It is effective to feed three different vegetables at a time. However, when feeding a new vegetable, it is necessary to grasp the preference gradually by giving a small amount at first to find out whether the rabbit likes it.

The fruit has a favorite party for the rabbit, so it is good to give it as a snack to compensate during the training. Especially my favorite fruits are apple, blueberry, papaya, strawberry, pear, peach, melon etc. It is not good to eat banana, grapes and raisins which have high sugar content too often.

There is food to avoid. Vegetables such as ice lettuce and tomatoes, cabbage, corn, beans, potatoes, beets, onions, rhubarb, bamboo, seeds and grains are not suitable for digestion by rabbits,

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How to manage pet rabbits

When adopting or buying a rabbit, you must first recognize that the rabbit is very sensitive and timid. After taking them home, they should be patient and enthusiastic so that they can adapt to the new environment with full affection and attention. But if you touch too much or hug it, you can be surprised. If you have children, you should teach them to avoid excessive expressions of affection.

In addition, the bone skeleton is very fragile, so be careful not to be rough and touched. When raising a rabbit, one hand should be underneath and the other hand should be gently caught under the back so that damage to the bones can be prevented.

To maintain good health, you should regularly receive a medical check-up at the hospital. Common diseases of rabbits include intestinal stasis, bladder stones, conjunctivitis, and bacterial infections. Regular screening is essential for prevention. For reference, neutering surgery can prevent serious diseases such as testicular cancer and genital cancer.

It is very important to be with someone who can always be cared for and play with, and to maintain mental and emotional well-being. Rabbits can be lonely if left alone because nature is very sociable. Toys should be selected to stimulate the brain so that the brain can be activated continuously.

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