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Cat hair is usually classified into three types, short hair, long hair, and hairless. Cats with mono or mother-of-pearl are usually soft-headed. However, there are rare cats that boast curly fur like a puppy. It is a breed called LaPerm.

Reason called 'Luffy'

Because the hair is frizzy, the word 'Luff', which means 'curl' or 'wave', became the name. The term 'pum' also refers to a procedure in which a person curls their hair curly, ie, a perm, or a permanent. The hair of Luffy cat is caused by a genetic mutation, and the ordinary barn cat has special hair.

The story started with a genetic mutation

The origins of Luffy 's cat date back to the 1982 farm in Oregon where a special cat breed was first discovered due to a genetic mutation. The first luffy cat was a barn cat that was raised in a family home. The owner was able to tell that when the cat was born, it was different from the other cubs. Luffy cat had no hairs and had a blue pattern on her body. After 8 weeks of birth, curly hair began to grow.

According to reports at the time, the owner knew that this cat was special, but he did not know what breed it was because he had no accurate information. But ten years later, more and more cubs were born without hair, starting with the first Luffy cats, and over time they had curly hair. From then on, the owner began to call this cat breed the nickname "Lafferm."

▲ Luffy's curly hair is hereditary (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

Physical Characteristics of Luffy Cat

The color and pattern of the cat's hair are stained or red, black, white and gray. The degree of frizziness may also be loose or very dry. At birth, there are no hairs, and gradually the frizzy hair grows. Here is a wedge-shaped face with a beard that dries up and down.

The special shape of the foot makes it special. It looks as though the feet are embedded in the bulb socket, because the hair is frizzy, so the hair grows dirty as it goes to the tip of the body.

Sweet and playful personality

Luffy cats are active and playful. They open their doors with their paws or they break things, but they also bite their masters' shoulders with their paws when they want to get their attention. This curly-haired cat is sweet and likes to hang out with the people around him. I like to sit quietly on my husband's leg when I'm not joking.

Health of Luffy Cat

The average life expectancy is about 10 to 15 years. While there are no specific genetic issues that have been discovered to date, general health problems such as obesity can occur, such as cats.

Like other cats, Luffy Cats also need their attention (source = Wikimedia Commons)

Hair Care

Luffy cat's hair is very curly, but the trim is simple. Like most cats, you need to comb the hair every week to remove hair that is entangled and reduce hair loss.

You should clean your ears regularly and clean your ears to prevent infection.

Luffy cat as a pet

Luffy cats are suitable for families with children and other pets. Because of its social nature, it can fit well with other puppies and young children.

Unlike ordinary cats with a cold temperament, I like to receive the affection and attention of the owner. It is a breed that does not sound well and has a fairly quiet temperament. Therefore, it is suitable as a cat in any living environment.

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