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▲ Cat hidden under table (Source = Pixar Bay)

Dark night rainstorms and thunderstorms are a horror environment for people. If the puppy who keeps the empty house that the owner left on vacation alone meets bad weather, it should be the worst situation. If you are a wise owner, there are several ways you can relieve your pet's anxiety.

Sound-sensitive pets

Puppies tend to crouch whenever they thunder and lightning. Because dogs are sensitive to sound, it is a good idea for the owner to know to what degree the noise is affected by dogs. The measures can give the puppy a sense of security.

Studies show that about 30% of dogs are anxious about thunder. In addition to the 'bang' sound effect makes the dog embarrassed. Veterinarians explain that static electricity also makes dogs unstable. Dogs are anxious and frightened when tingling static electricity is generated on their fur.

▲ frightened puppy covering his face (source = flicker)

According to Professor Nicholas Dodman of the Tufts University of Veterinary Medicine, dogs can be electrostatically shocked when they thunder. This is why the puppy is looking for a place to hide whenever the thunder is heard.

Cats can also detect bad weather. So when the weather gets dark or a storm comes in, the cat may suddenly take some strange behavior.

What exactly happens when bad weather occurs? First, a storm is caused by a collision of cold air and warm air. When warm air climbs up, it forms a cloud that can generate a storm. The cat can detect these atmospheric conditions. Cats therefore respond to storms and bad weather in a number of ways. They run to narrow and dark places, or they even choose hair.

The characteristics of these cats are the reason why the crew burned the cat on the boat. The cat's behavior and response is not 100% accurate, but it was used as a way to detect bad weather in advance when there was no available technology.

In addition, the story that cat responds before a storm or bad weather has long been preoccupied with folk culture. When a cat rubs his / her face with his / her forehead, he / she is afraid of moving due to an undesired pressure change.

▲ Hidden puppy under the table (source = Flickr)

Some ways to soothe pets at home alone

If the storm is approaching while the owner is emptying the house, it is forbidden to keep the pet in the cage. Except for safety concerns, it only raises the anxiety of your pet.

Sarah Fletcher, a meteorologist, said, "It is the owner 's duty to make sure that your pet is in a comfortable place if you do not have a pet at home. Providing proper food, water, and favorite toys while away from the host will help to withstand the bad weather.

Another way the owner can do is to alleviate the sound of thunderstorms with television or audio sound. Using this method, even if serious bad weather is driven outside the home, it can disperse the spirit of the pet. There is also a way to operate the dishwasher or washing machine.

If the owner goes out during bad weather, the pet can provide her favorite toys so that she does not pay attention to external noise. Veterinarians also recommend that you keep your pet in a safe and quiet location wherever you are when you are anxious. This can be a space like a closet or cupboard.

Some owners intentionally expose the recorded audio to the pets so that they can adapt to thunderstorms or storms. This is also an ideal method.

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