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[Pet] jealous of the dog, how to recognize?


Recent research shows that puppies behave in a jealous manner when treat other dogs affectionately. According to Animal Behaviorist Susan Heitz, puppies want their master's full attention, so they want to turn their attention to themselves no matter what the means. Hez described it as a competition between puppies and other objects. The object can be human, anything that other dogs, cats, and dogs are interested in. What is the jealousy that the puppy expresses?

Dr. Scarlett Magda explains that when they do not want to share their interests with other humans or animals, they express jealousy by biting the subjects they are interested in. Also, Dr. Jeffrey Broderick said that because the pet can not tell his / her mood, he tries to act as one of them, one of which is feces in the house. And licking the puppy into the pup and digging in is an act of expressing affection and getting attention.

Sometimes a dog hits my hand stroking another dog or hides the screen of a laptop while I'm surfing the internet. We associate it with jealousy and think that the dog can feel jealous.

If you have several pets in your house, you can grow into a fight with one growling or resting. Pets always compete to gain attention and resources in the home. Dr. Magda said the pet could bark or make an aggressive noise when the owner greets strangers. In addition, it does not let you do it, but it leads you to direct your own gaze toward yourself. This is also a clear sign that the puppy is interested.

This behavior of dogs can be a habit and should be corrected. Remember the circumstances that caused jealousy and be careful. If you feel uncomfortable on your own, I recommend that you consult a professional. You should not give too much attention to only one pet. Pet magazine Pet MD advises that if you have two dogs, you should also have two toys and blankets. "We need to take care of the physical and emotional needs of our pets as a parent of a pet," said Dr. Broderick.

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