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Grandparents and grandmothers always want to give their grandchildren something, whether ice cream or toys. It's all true, but grandparents' love for grandchildren is based on infinite affection. He wants to do anything for his small, lovely grandchild.

But too much attention, pocket money, and affection can make a child spoiled. Problems may arise when a child requests affection and attention from grandparents equally to parents. For example, when you are with a grandparent, you can eat a few chocolates a day and eat candy before eating. Grandfather and grandmother just smile and look at the child eating well. But when you get home, things are different. Usually, parents are concerned that they can not eat rice, so they can not eat lots of chocolate or candy. Grandfather and grandfather tend to give only what grandchildren like to do, and the child thinks it is natural.

"If inconsistent discipline is followed, the child may be habitual and impatient."

When grandparents' favorite children get habit of having what they want to do, they can become serious adults and become serious. The child who grows up all the time, without a shortage, falls into the illusion that everything will be what he wants, even if he is an adult. Therefore, parents should adhere to appropriate parenting methods.

According to the Money Smart family, a child can share with grandparents what they do not share with their parents, which can lead to emotions. With the infinite love of grandparents, the child feels emotionally stable, and grandparents can inform their grandchildren of the wisdom they have accumulated through their life experiences. Grandparents can be a good opportunity to teach value to grandchildren instead of being a whimsical and spoiled child that parents do not want.

The need for consistent rules

In general, grandparents' abundant love often ruins their grandchildren. Grandparents are an inevitable dilemma because they want to spend time with their lovely grandchildren who miss their grandchildren and spend a few days and a few hours with their grandchildren. So let's think about reality objectively. If the child is dispossessed, the parents must endure the child's endless whining and complaints at night. But is it possible to raise a problem with grandparents? It is even more difficult if grandparents are in full childcare on behalf of working mothers.

However, it should be noted that there must be a parent-only rule. Grandparents are older than ever before and are in a weak state of mind and mind, so you should start your story with a calm voice to avoid misunderstandings.

▲ Parents and children who need conversation (Source: Pixar Bay)

Another thing, let's not forget that grandparents are not the only reason they ruin a child. In an article on the Australian children's specialist site Baby Oligo, parents should talk to other family members so that they do not get hurt. When talking about parenting or discipline, it should be a firm and mild atmosphere. Even if you have a sensitive story about your child, it does not mean you need to raise your voice or cool.

Your child should plan well and communicate the rules smoothly. Relatively you may ask other family members to set their own rules when you are with your child. That way, an adult will not be able to stay indifferent as the child does. Grandparents may also enforce the rules they have established.

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is special and strong. A child sometimes feels warmer and closer to his grandparent than his parents, so he can hear his grandparents well.

No one likes spoiled children. Parents try hard to raise their children more responsible and independent, and grandparents want to do their best for the happiness and happiness of grandchildren. If parents and grandparents work together in the same direction, the future of the child will be brighter.

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