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▲ A woman who feels a bond with a dog (Source: Pixar Bay)

The story of Hachiko, a charismatic man who has been waiting for his master for about 10 years, is an anecdote that has sounded the hearts of all Japanese. Since then, Hachiko has become famous as a pronoun of Buddhism, published in Japanese textbooks, and released as a film. Thus, the story of Hachiko shows how deeply a pet like a dog can love its owner.

Then, what kind of love and expression do they express with non-human animals, like their masters? Dogs are also affectionate and affectionate with other dogs and animals.

The psychology of love that animals show

▲ The dog smells the owner's hand (Source = Pixar Bay)

Animals can also love. But it is still unclear whether animals can share romantic love with one another.

According to scientific evidence, animals can feel emotions within the same category as humans. According to an article in Psychology Magazine, Colo. Today, the mammalian brain and the human brain have similar functions.

Just as a person feels and acts on others, animals experience similar experiences. With this animal expression, you can see how an animal displays attachment to a person or other animal.

The story of 'Gray Pryer Barbie' in the same article is about the loyalty of the dog to the owner. Gray flyer Barbie, a Sky Terrier species who lived in Scotland, spent ten years next to her owner's graveyard when her cop owner, John Gray, died. This story is a true story of how loyal a dog can be.

An animal that can express feelings

It is said that when a researcher dissects an animal in a laboratory, the animal watching it does not feel sad. This is nothing but a baseless hypothesis.

Animals can be sad and angry, happy, and thankful. Animals also express friendship, and convey feelings such as excitement, curiosity, and love.

Dr. Mark Bekoff, an ecologist, explained how animals express various emotions. "Animals such as dogs have better exercise and sensory abilities than humans," said Bekov. "Seahorse tears with pain when they witness their cubs being killed, and when elephants lose their friends, I shed tears with sorrow. In the case of humpback whales, diving expresses appreciation. "

▲ Pitbull (source = Flickr)

How a dog expresses love, body language

When describing animal love expression, dogs always appear. Dogs are innate and affectionate creatures. They tend to transmit emotions immediately through body language.

There are signs that dogs express love, happiness, and gratitude. The most common behavior when a dog is happy is the tail wagging. On the other hand, tails can express sadness or fear.

Body language is a way for a dog-like animal to express love to someone other than their owner. A person can judge a dog's mood by following a dog, licking his face, or jogging or jogging.

Meanwhile, in an Inside Edition article, the rescued pitbull was introduced to a new home and described the love story to two guinea pigs. The name of this Pitbull is Moki, a native of the Animal Care Center.

Moki's new owner hesitated to adopt Moki at first. Pitbull has a belligerent propensity to think that it might hurt the guinea pig that was growing.

But surprisingly, Moki showed love and affection for both guinea pigs. Moki licked guinea pigs with gestures expressing kindness and love.

Then both guinea pigs expressed love without leaving the mochi. The guinea pig did not fear Moki at all. The three animals soon slept together and ate rice and slept.

These three animals showed friendship and love and conveyed their feelings to their own body language. This is an example of how animals can love one another.

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