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[Pet] new technology, raise puppy


A four-month-old puppy, seriously injured by another dog attack, managed to barely recover with the help of a 3D printer.

The injured puppy is the 'rocca' of Staffordshire bull terrier. Rocca was hit by another dog and suffered severe injuries with fractures of cheekbones and jaws, damage to the temporomandibular joint, and perforation of the face and neck.

Roca was treated at the Veterinary Clinic of Davis University in California after the accident. Veterinarians opted to use the exoskeleton mask, which was used to diagnose the condition of the robot and output it to a 3D printer. The exoskeleton mask is called "Exo-K9 Exoskeleton," which means an exoskeleton for dogs, and acts like a gym on an arm or leg to fix a broken bone during treatment.

Prior to finding a medical center, the exoskeleton mask device was developed and cooperated with the veterinary ward and the engineering department of the university. According to Davis University, Rocah is the first to actually wear this exoskeleton device.

Veterinarians designed the exoskeleton device for LOCA by referring to LOCA's CT scans, and printed the design using a 3D printer. Rocca wore this device for a month.

A month later, Rocah's face was photographed with a CT scan, which was a natural result, but the new bones grew and sat. From this time on, the newly-established temporomandibular joint was forced to eat rigid food to help me find my function.

Three months later, CT scan again showed that Rokka's TMJ was recovering rapidly.

With the new innovations in veterinary medicine, Loka has been living with other puppies. It was because everyone had a warm heart and developed an exoskeleton device for Loca.

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