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▲ Two dogs playing in the mud (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

What if the puppy is playing in the mud? It is good to have fun playing, but you should not neglect it. There is a risk of infection with a fatal disease known as Alabama Lot.

What is the Alabama Lot?

The Alabama Lot is also known as skin and gentamiculopathies. It is a disease with a fairly long name, but in simple terms, it is the most fatal disease for dogs. Symptoms include vomiting and skin lesions. 80% of the infected dogs eventually die.

Alabama Lotto first began in the 1980s in Greyhound, Alabama. It was first reported in late 2012 in the UK. The most serious infections were in the New Forest area of ​​Hampshire, as well as in Gloucestershire, Devon, Dorset and Cheshire.

What is the most susceptible species, and accurate reports on me, disease, and target gender have not been published yet. Only from October to June of next year it is known to be susceptible to the disease.

What are the symptoms of Alabama Lot?

Alabama Lotts target dog blood vessels and kidneys. When symptoms begin to appear, the time has already passed. One of the first symptoms of this infection is redness of the skin. If you find a skin lesion or swelling in a dog without any reason, you should immediately go to the nearest veterinary clinic for examination.

Skin spots appear like ulcers, mostly found under the knees. Some are accompanied by hair loss symptoms. Also, when a dog is infected with an Alabama lot, it often licks the wound. Severe symptoms, kidney disease, vomiting, fatigue, loss of appetite leads to. Some dogs start to show depression.

What is the infection path?

Though dogs living in rural areas are said to be at risk of being infected with the Alabama Lot, the US Forest Board says thousands of dogs live in rural areas, but only a few are infected.

Alabama Lot has a high mortality rate, but the number of cases of infection is small. Less than 1% of the dogs living in the United Kingdom and the United States were identified as Alabama Lot. Some human illnesses have the same symptoms as the Alabama Lot virus, but people are not infected with Alabama Lot. And animals of other species are not infected with this virus.

How can I prevent infection?

The most obvious way to avoid an Alabama Lot infection is to clean it after the dog has stepped on the mud and returned.

Dog Trust, an animal welfare organization, advised dogs and dogs to go as far as possible to dry ground when walking. Dry land has fewer risk factors for Alabama Lot. If you walk on the mud without a pitch, you should come back and wash the dog immediately and check for lesions or wounds on the site that can easily be infected.

What if the dog's Alabama Lot infection is suspicious?

If you find signs early, it is best to get help from a veterinarian as soon as possible. Statistically, only 20-30% of the dogs infected with Alabama Lot can survive. If you have found a sign of a lesion in a dog after taking a wet mud, the best solution is to take it to the vet.

Until you get to a veterinarian, you should cover lesions or open wounds. Time is important because Alabama Lot infection is difficult to detect early. It is good to get help immediately before symptoms get worse.

Raising awareness of Alabama Lot

The first conference on Alabama Lot was held in Berkshire, England last year. Experts gathered to discuss Alabama Lot treatments. To date, no vaccine has been developed to treat this disease.

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