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[Pet] Noble in a canine, Afghan Hound

▲ Photo Source: Flickr

Have you seen the Afghan Hound? The Afghan hound is famous for its stately appearance and soft hairy silk. Appearance resembles a greyhound, but it is possible to double-jump and to pursue a game at a fast pace.

The position of the pelvis is high and the length of the vertebrae is short, so it is possible to jump to a high height. The Afghan Hound has a big foot and does not get injured in foot even when walking on rough ground.

In addition, due to the thick fur of the silk texture, the body temperature can be maintained in cold weather, and the life spans from 12 to 14 years. "The Afghan Hound is a noble of dogs that are dignified and graceful," a pets-related online paper MD said in a related article.

Pat MD noted that Afghan hound varieties have been around since ancient times and that their ancestors are sighthound in the Middle East and that history dates back to ancient Pharaoh in Egypt.

Greyhound is a breed of nomadic tribes raised for hunting. The Afghan Hound has been living in Afghanistan's mountainous areas for several generations and has developed strong strength and leverage. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Afghan hound was first introduced to Britain, and was called Barucci Hound or Persian Hound. "The Afghan hound has quickly become the exclusive property of the upper class society, and its popularity has rapidly increased in other areas, such as the dog show," said Pat MD.

The Afghan Hound is also known to have an introverted and timid nature, and as a native hunting dog, he loves hunting and chasing something. It is not a breed that can not be breed indoors. It is also possible to nurture in a house with children because it is not rough when you are with children.

However, in this case, you may need to observe how the Afghan hound and the children are doing, because you may have bad behavior when you are not feeling well. "The Afghan Hound is so independent that some say it's like a cat," said Fat MD.

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