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Since Paris Hilton has sold a teacup pig named Princess Piglet in 2009, teacup pig videos have become popular in social media so far. If you are not interested in ordinary pets such as dogs, cats, ornamental fish, why not try growing special and amazing teacup pigs?

What is a tea cup pig?

The teacup pig is not really a teacup. But it is not as big as a regular pig. The tea cup pig is actually known as the potbellied pig from Vietnam. The weight is about 60 ~ 90kg, similar to the weight of a very large dog. Because it is smaller than the pigs that are commonly found in farmhouses, it grows at home but grows up to 136kg!

Tea cup charm point 6

T-cup pigs are not common pets in their nature. Pigs are known to grow densely, often with a dirty, nasty smell. However, if you learn more about the teacup pigs in this article, you will be able to solve misunderstandings. Let's find out about the various charms of teacup pigs.

1 Cute and smart

In fact, teacup pigs are smarter than dogs or three-year-olds. It is very intelligent and I can remember it easily if I teach a chef pig a trick.

The teacup pigs can solve complicated problems and have a sense of direction that they can go home even if they are lost. It has been reported that he won a child in a video game contest.

Tea cup pigs do not feel emotion, but emotion can be understood. Therefore, if you are looking for a delicate pet, I recommend a teacup.

2 is a social animal

I need another pig to feel lonely. It is also an animal that you can enjoy yourself. For example, tea cup pigs are soft and rhythmic. If the teacup pig does not show a sociable response, it is evidence of depression. Tigers Pigs also need affection and attention like people.

3 makes various sounds

Another thing to know about teacup pigs is that you can make a great sound. The teacup pigs not only give a grimace but they can also make a disturbing sound and even bark. Mom T-cup pigs can call their lambs a lullaby and mimic the sounds of many different types.

4 It is a clean animal.

Pigs are known to be very dirty and dirty, but not always. Indeed, teacup pigs are clean animals. Tea cups can be managed separately from the toilet and the eating area.

It is scientifically controversial to say that pigs are known to be dirty, one of which is that they do not sweat. The body's heat can not be discharged by sweat. Pigs roll in mud or water to cool the body. That's why pigs look dirty.

5 Less induction of allergens

Teacup pigs are hypoallergenic animals, so they are the perfect pet for allergy sufferers. It is good for those who are sensitive to hail that it is common in summer only for molting.

6 Usually live longer than pets

Are you still unsure about the adoption of a teacup pig? The average lifespan of teacup pigs is 12-18 years. Because it is longer than normal pet life, it can be done for a long time.

Teacup pigs have no problems in raising pigs, but they can not be raised in the city. It requires water and mud to be able to play and cool down. If only this problem is solved, it's a great pet!

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