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Chihuahuas are small, cute and charming dogs. It is popular among dog breeds because it belongs to the smallest pet dog among the world's dog breeds. If you are always looking for a puppy you want to put on your lap, Chihuahua will be a wise choice.

History of Chihuahuas

The theory that Chihuahua originated in Mexico is dominant. This dog breed is believed to have lived in Mexico since about 100 BC. Chihuahua is a descendant of Tecchi who lived in Tula, Mexico.

Another theory about the origins of Chihuahuas is the Phoenician fox. Penny Fox is a small, nocturnal fox in the North African Sahara, the Sinai, and the Arabian desert. People thought that according to Charles Darwin's theory, the dog was descended from foxes, wolves, coyotes, jackals, and dingoes. One theory is that a small chihuahua was born among the crosses of these animals. But foxes can not breed with dogs.

Anyway, the name of Chihuahua is derived from the Chihuahua region of Mexico, so it is reasonable to consider Chihuahua as a Mexican dog.

Chihuahua's appearance

Chihuahua is a small puppy with a maximum height of 22cm and a weight of 3kg or less. They are black, chocolate, brown, white and red. The head is round apple shape and the brain is big compared to the size.

The skulls of Chihuahua have astronomical doors. This is because the brain is larger than the head size. Astronomy is also found in the skull of a newborn baby, which means that the skull is not completely closed and the pores are open. Chihuahua's head has such a soft part in your life that you have to be careful about the impact.

Chihuahua's ears are very large and jagged to detect intruders and their prey. Chihuahua releases heat through the ears when the body feels hot. But the young chihuahua 's ears are in a downward spiral.

Chihuahua's personality

Chihuahuas love people very much and are loyal to their owners. It is small in size but it is brave, so I try to keep it. Therefore, it can serve as guard dog at home. If you have other animals in your home, you can prevent potential problems by educating your chihuahuas from when you are young. Chihuahua has a strong monopoly on his master.

It is important to give early training to Chihuahuas. I follow the training very often when I am young, but after two or three years of age I am not interested in training.

If you have a child, consider chihuahua adoption carefully. Because a young child does not know how to treat a dog gently, a small body of Chihuahuas can get hurt. Also, be careful because if a child knows Chihuahua and drops it, Chihuahua can be seriously hurt.

Chihuahua's health problems

Chihuahuas are generally healthy, but they are small in size, have short hairs, and have a low body fat and should stay in a warm place. If the weather gets cold, you should dress well so that Chihuahua does not get sick.

By expressing love for a dog, Chihuahua can quickly become obese. Obesity leads to diabetes and patellar dislocation. Therefore, you should always give proper amount of food and regularly take a walk and exercise.

Chihuahuas need only minimal care. If you regularly take a bath and clean your nails, you will be clean. And the inside of your ears should be wiped clean so that the chihuahua's ears are not infected. Do not use cold water when bathing Chihuahua, and make sure to dry your hair after bathing.

Disadvantages of Chihuahuas

The biggest disadvantage of Chihuahua is its weak and small body. So you should not hug the Chihuahua too tightly. If you are alone, you will be able to destroy the house with a small size. Chihuahuas should not be grown outdoors because they are so small that they may be attacked by other dogs or animals, so be careful when taking a walk. Chihuahua always wants to be with the owner and wants the owner's touch.

If you prefer a small, lightweight, low-weight dog, Chihuahua will be your best choice.

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