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[Pet] How to choose winter puppy clothes

▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

Cold winter No matter how thick a puppy feels, it feels cold like a person.

Even if it is thick in winter, dog feels cold like a person. Jane E. Brodie, a contributing writer, said in the New York Times that "there are a variety of risk factors that dogs can experience, including dryness and dryness of skin, both in urban and rural areas."

We introduce cold winter puppy clothes selection method and wintering.

A diet suitable for puppies

Dogs who like to walk in cold winters consume more calories than usual, so you need to increase your diet to supplement your energy and maintain your weight. There are puppies still active in winter, but there are dogs that stay indoors because of the cold weather. If the puppy suddenly gains weight, the amount of food should be adjusted to account for the reduced winter outdoor activity.

When walking with a dog in winter, be careful not to eat snow or ice. This is because it is not clean and the puppy can eat calcium chloride and antifreeze to prevent slipping.

Source: Pixar Bay

Insulated with winter puppy clothes

In addition to the food of the puppy, it is also important to keep warm in winter puppy clothes. It is good to have a winter coat for dogs. Veterinarian Nancy Kay said, "If your dog's hair is not thick, you should wear thick clothes before you go for a walk." Especially if it is a single seedling or a long walking time. "It is important to maintain body temperature if you have puppies or small dogs with a high surface area to size ratio, dry or older puppies, or dogs with chronic diseases," Brody said.

When choosing winter puppy clothes, bright colored clothes are good for easy identification in the snow even when the collar is not used. Brodie recommends clothes that are waterproof in addition to the coat. Let dogs choose material that does not get wet even when they urinate outdoors. You can also buy an earplug for a puppy or cut off the top of a cap made of acrylic knit for men. To keep your feet warm, wear disposable boots for dogs or boots that can be secured with Velcro.

Source: Pixar Bay

Winter puppy hair care

The puppy's feathers function by themselves. Therefore, if you want to manage the hair in winter, it is wise to proceed after consulting the experts. It is recommended to put off the management by spring when the weather gets warmer because it loses warm keeping function if it cuts off hair too shortly.

But the soles of the feet should be cut so that they do not slip on snow or ice. It is also a way to wear shoes as well as dog clothes to prevent frostbite. After going out with the dog in winter, make sure you check your foot to see if it is free of injury.

Cold winter As dogs go out to thick coats and gloves, dogs also need winter clothing to maintain their body temperature. How about shopping for winter clothes for puppies this weekend?

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