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Guinea pigs are excellent pets. It is easy to manage and is a healthy animal physically. However, there are some specific diseases where guinea pigs are vulnerable.

Respiratory diseases

Guinea pigs are susceptible to cold air and can easily catch upper respiratory infections. When it gets worse, it leads to pneumonia.

Symptoms of respiratory diseases are similar to allergic symptoms and both diseases can be caused by severe stress and can lead to death. The symptoms are hardly moving, they do not eat food, they become hairy, sneeze and cough, and discharge from the nose and eyes.

When a pet guinea pig is brought to a vet, the guinea pig will prescribe antibiotics after taking some initial care to remove the exposed dust.

To prevent respiratory illness, the cage must be located far away from open doors or windows. This simple method can reduce the likelihood of respiratory disease infections. You should wash your hands before handling the guinea pigs.


Vitamin C is a very important nutrient for guinea pigs. Scurvy is a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency. Symptoms of the scurvy are the growth of the baby guinea pigs is stopped, the joints are poured, the hind legs are hard to move, and they can not move like rabbits. If vitamin C deficiency is severe, the hind legs become paralyzed, posture bends, and severe bleeding problems occur. And vulnerable to infectious diseases.

There are various foods that can be given to a growing guinea pig or a pregnant female that is deficient in vitamin C. Broccoli, kale and cabbage are recommended. Carrots, beets, and apples are not enough to meet vitamin C alone. For juvenile guinea pigs, vitamin C supplements may be dissolved in drinking water, or mixed with vitamin C powder in dried diets.


Guinea pigs can have multiple tumors, but skin tumors and breast tumors are the most common. However, it is usually benign and can be recovered by surgical removal.

If you have regular physical examinations, you can find tumors under your hair early on. Because tumors can occur anywhere in the body of a guinea pig, they should be taken to the vet immediately upon discovery. Guinea pigs can get cancer, but unless it is serious, it can usually be a curable cure. If the hump is firm, it can be a harmless fat cyst, but since the hump can grow, it must be taken to the vet and tested.


Lymph nodes, skin, muscles, teeth, jaws or face. The boil can be treated with a therapeutic agent or surgery under the judgment of a veterinarian. However, some are difficult to handle.

When guinea pigs get infected, it's a boil for the body to create substances to solve the problem. Boils can occur anywhere in the body of a guinea pig. Guinea pigs When a body boil breaks, gauze and microball bands are needed to cover the wound. A veterinarian can disinfect the affected area with a microbicide. It is also good to feed a large amount of vitamin C in case the foreign body enters the wound.

Urinary disease

Because guinea pigs usually grow together, it is difficult to know which individual has urinary disease. It is therefore advisable to examine the bedding of guinea pigs when cleaning the cage. And you should quickly find signs of blood or diarrhea. And if you see these symptoms, it's a good idea to get a veterinarian's examination on all your guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are prone to urinary stones. Stones are usually made in the bladder, but they can also develop in the kidneys. It can accumulate in the ureter or urethra and lead to a fatal occlusion. Symptoms of urethritis include anorexia, hematuria, tension on urination, and stiff posture. And if occlusion occurs, urination can not be done.

The veterinarian can perform various physical examinations such as abdominal stimulation, blood test, urine test, X ray and the past medical history to diagnose the urinary disease. Based on the results of the test, he will prescribe antibiotics. In addition, hospitalization and adjuvant treatment may be recommended depending on the diagnosis.

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