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Many people feel skin dryness and itching these days because of the fine dust and sunlight that keeps them going. If you feel skin, itching, which is also the largest organ of your body, which is about 7% of your weight, let's look at the causes and solutions of itching.

Skin itching due to drying

Scratches the skin with an itchy or irritating feeling, which is known as 'itching' due to dry skin. At first, the itchy skin may look like normal, but it can be a skin problem, such as a chicken sore, rash, blistering or redness. Continued scratching can make the wound worse and bleed. It is normal for elderly people to feel itching because their skin is dry.

Typical symptoms of itching

There are several reasons for itching in certain parts of the body. Common itching symptoms are redness, irregularities, spots, blisters, dry, cracked skin, rough skin like leather. Failure to find and solve the cause can make the itch worse.

What causes itching?

There are several causes depending on the degree of itching. Dry skin causes itching, which is due to skin cracking and scaling.

Eczema and rash usually develop in one person every five people, but decrease over time. It is also called atopic dermatitis and is common in young children. Corticosteroids, topical calcineurin inhibitors and oral antihistamine creams are recommended for eczema skin, which can be applied directly to the itchy area.

Allergies are also the cause of itching. It is caused by skin irritation and direct contact with allergens. If allergic symptoms occur, treat with antiallergic drugs such as zirconium, claritin, and vanadrill.

Urticaria is a skin inflammation caused by histamine. Histamine is a chemical that causes small blood vessels to leak and cause skin to swell. It is a symptom of skin swelling and rash that may result from a physical reaction to a specific allergen or may occur for unknown reasons.

Itching can occur with athlete's foot, also called fungal infection of the tinea, and fungal infections can usually be treated with antifungal ointments, creams, and shampoos. Oral medication can be prescribed if the infection is severe.

Shower with lukewarm water for itching

When you have skin itching, take a shower quickly so that the skin does not dry out. If you take a shower with hot water, your skin may become dry. It is also good to drink water frequently and use a humidifier to fill the body with water. In general body products, it is also possible to use mild soap because it contains chemical ingredients that can cause skin itching.

A lifestyle that reduces itching

Apply moisturizing lotion and cream to skin once or twice a day. In particular, hydrocortisone cream, which can be purchased without a prescription, can help to reduce itching. Apply to the area where itching is severe and finish by tapping lightly.

It is recommended to use mild soap that does not contain irritating ingredients such as spices and wash with lukewarm water. It is important to avoid products that can irritate skin, such as nickel, jewelry, and wool, that cause allergic reactions. Above all, it is important not to scratch the skin to prevent bleeding or infection.

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