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[Health] [health information] uncomfortable eyebrows, symptoms and dribbles How to heal quickly?


There are several secretory glands in the eye, such as Zeaix sp. Acanthopanis is an acute purulent inflammation of the Zeus spleen and moles of gland. Acute purulent inflammation of Myosomal gland is called a glandular tumor. Chronic granulomatous inflammation caused by my spring is called acid lipid (soybean filament). It is caused by an infection of the eyelid lacrimal gland, aneurysm, and it is infected by staphylococcus.


As the edge of the eyelid swells, the outer part of the eyelid swells, causing the pain. The part of the eyelid gets hardened and the tenderness becomes worse. The genus is located deeper than the cortex, and when the eyelids are turned upside down, an abscess point appears on the red mucous membrane. In the early stages of inflammation, the induration is not touched, the eyelids are uncomfortable, the pain is felt a little, then progresses gradually. On the other hand, soybean filaments have hard nodules under the skin of the edge of the eyelid and are not inflamed or symptomatic.

How do you get better soon?

It is good with time, but to cope with the symptoms, it is possible to take a medicine such as a medicine or a medicine. It is recommended that you use a warm water bag at 40 to 45 ° C for 15 to 30 minutes, four to six times daily. If the water pocket cools down during the hot dip, it should be replaced to maintain the proper temperature. You should be careful about burns when you put on a hot bath with a child. If the pus is caught with the hot pantyhose, it will be made with clean gauze. If your mother can not do it for you, you can go to the hospital and do it safely.
Also, it is better to avoid antibiotic eyedrops rather than drugs to quickly reach the antibiotic composition for quick recovery. Or visiting a hospital to squeeze out pus, surgery is also one of the ways to get better quickly. If recurred at the same site, a biopsy should be done to determine if it is caused by a malignant tumor such as sebaceous gland cancer. If you wear a multi-lapel braid because you can get rid of it quickly, you need to make sure your eyes are well ventilated. Because it is an inflammation caused by an infectious disease, be careful not to touch your eyes with dirty hands.

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