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Sometimes I wonder why a cat cries. The reason why kittens and adult cats cry is different. As a cat grows older, it does not cry at other cats, and most people make sounds to communicate with them.

Some cats, like the Siamese cats, are of Oriental origin and cry more than other varieties. Because they like to listen to their own voice and enjoy it, and other cats just cry because they like to talk to their owners. If the cat continues to crawl without stopping, it may be because it needs to be treated.

Cat-specific media Catster has suggested why cats cry:

1 Cats cry without stopping means that the cat was excited

The most common reason cats constantly cry is that they want to breed. This is the biggest reason, especially if you have not done any surgery. Cats cry loudly enough to hear noises in the frying season, and their sounds sound painful. In particular, females weep at the time of estrus cry as they cry, and males cry when they smell of female ferns. Cats are more attached to people than they think they are weird at the time of estrus, which is a natural behavior.

2 Thyroid hyperfunction may be symptom

Hyperthyroidism in cats is common, especially in older cats. When a cat is infected with this disease, it shows weight loss, increased appetite, hyperactivity, and overcrowding. If these symptoms are getting worse, you should take them to the vet immediately and have a blood test.

3 If you lose sight or hearing, you continue to cry

Cats lose sense of direction when they get older, and cry more at night, especially for no apparent reason. This is because the cat loses sight or hearing, and the old cat feels like a child who is lost when the lights go out. Let's keep the sleeping lights on at night so the cat does not lose sense of direction.

4 Cats with senile dementia cry a lot

Cats can also get senile dementia. Like a person, cats lose their cognitive function as they get older. The symptoms of this age cats are called cat cognitive dysfunction or cat dementia. Cats with dementia feel fearful, lose sense of direction, become unhappy and cry constantly. Cats with dementia become more irritable, have more sleep time, change their sleep cycle, and become unable to control themselves.

Cats with cats hypersensitivity syndrome cry constantly

Cat tetanus hypersensitivity syndrome is a syndrome in which the lower back is extremely sensitive. Cats with this syndrome sometimes go crazy like hallucinations, and they keep crying. Cats with symptoms of hypersensitivity syndrome feel mood-like mood swings, and hair loss may be caused by excessive grooming. It is sensitive to the air and causes skin damage. Therapeutic agents that can be used for cat tetanus hypersensitivity include anti-seizure agents, anti-inflammatory agents, and anti-anxiety agents. However, it is a priority to check with the veterinary specialist to see if the disease can be treated properly.

6 If the cat keeps crying, it's a sign of pain.

Cats do not show that they are sick because they tend to hide their pain instinctively. If the cat is freezing, it can be a sign that it is experiencing severe pain or is hurt. Cats are embarrassed and loud when they can not be excreted due to infection by the urethra. Therefore, when the cat cries carefully, it should be observed and taken to the vet immediately if an abnormal condition is detected.

7 Cats can cry when lonely, when they are bored

Cats in close relationships with humans signal when they are lonely or bored. People know cats as very independent creatures, but they do not always like being alone. A cat sends a signal by crying if you want to play with your host or want to communicate. If the cat continues to crawl after the owner has gone to bed, it is a signal that he wants to receive the attention of the owner.

If the cat continues to cry, let's see why it sounds too light. If you are loud enough to be perceived as noise, you may have a health problem.

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