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If you make a list of your favorite animals, you will definitely miss the mouse. Usually, people dislike or fear mice as cockroaches.

Rats vary in size from small to larger, like mice, and are life forms with thin, long tails. Rats are native to Asia and Australia, but are now distributed around the world. According to Australian media, Live, mice are actually naughty.

Rats are omnivorous animals. I usually like meat, but I also eat grains, insects, aquatic creatures, and small birds. However, there are some vegetarian varieties such as Sulawesi white-tailed rats and Hoffmann rats.

Rats can be heard strangely if they are raised as pets. However, this little creature has a personality and is best suited as a pet.

"Rats are raised as pets? The hidden attraction of mice"

1. Rats do not take up much space

Rats are small and do not take up much space in the house. Therefore, it can be raised in apartments with thin walls. Just enough cage to be able to play the mouse and go around is enough. Also, you can leave some toys and furniture to play with. However, rats are extremely sensitive to temperature and should not be placed under direct sunlight.

2. Rats are clean animals

It is unbelievable, but the rat is a very clean animal. The rats themselves trim their hair and wipe the body of a friend's rat who shares the same cage. According to the International Animal Care Organization PETA, the mother rubs the baby's hair, wipes the baby's feet in water, and softens the ears and fur around the face. Rats are also as healthy as animals if properly managed.

3. A lot of charming small creatures

This small, cute creature has a puppy-like personality and bonds with your favorite person. Rats hang on the master's shoulder or hide in the hair. It is also less aggressive than other small animals. Recognize the owner's face and voice, always welcome the owner.

4. Nocturnal but similar life pattern

Rats sleep 76% during the day. And to live with an owl owner, or to a sleeping master.

5. Can be trained smartly

Rats remember their names. Like dogs or cats, they solve tricks, break through mazes, understand people's language and act. It also has an adventurous temperament and is good at swimming. Because it is smart, it has been used in psychological testing for decades. Rats, in particular, are among the first animals to enter space.

Sad reality at a pet store

Although there are good reasons for raising rats as pets, pet stores are hardly profitable with this organism. According to PETA, mass-breeders supply rats to pet stores or carry them in small containers, but most are parasites or infectious diseases. In addition, it is placenta that malnutrition or illness deteriorates and it is transported to pet store.

Former Global Captive Breeders (GCB) representatives were arrested on charges of animal cruelty in 2013. At that time PETA rescued more than 16,000 rats and hundreds of reptiles.

If you are planning to grow mice, you should understand that mice also need veterinary care like dogs and cats. Rats are more likely to develop respiratory diseases such as upper respiratory tract infections. To prevent this, you should avoid spraying perfume or chemicals in the air.

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