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Cats also have hereditary diseases. It also affects special diseases that appear to be only in people, and one of them is kidney disease. Because kidney disease is a genetic disease, it occurs frequently in some cat species.

Amyloidosis is a disease in which abnormalities in morphology are formed during protein formation and fibrosis is formed in various organs and tissues. The disease caused by the mutant gene can still be inherited. There are many Asian cats such as Abyssinian, Somali, and Siamese cats.

Amyloidosis can lead to excessive amyloid deposits and kidney failure. Slight deposits are not fatal and can survive for long periods.

The disease is inherently difficult to diagnose and easy to overlook. Cats such as munchkins often have intentional breeding even with this inherited disease.

Amyloid is a type of protein that can not be extracted from the body. This substance forms outside the cells of many tissues and causes long-term dysfunction. There are cases where a cat can not recover and die.

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Symptoms of kidney disease in cats

Abyssinian cats with amyloidosis become hairy, lose weight, and have lethargy and anorexia. Some have dehydration, mucositis, and gingivitis. When amyloid deposits occur in Siamese and Oriental Shorthair cats, bleeding occurs enough to require open surgery.

Amyloidosis has different symptoms depending on the species of cat it is growing. Abyssinian and Somali cats can have kidney, liver, and spleen problems when their urea and creatinine levels increase. A high urea level indicates a state in which the amino acid is decomposed in the mammalian body and becomes excessively nitrogenous.

Creatine shows kidney function. If the kidney fails to function, the creatinine level is high.

Cats with amyloidosis show frequent urinary symptoms, frequently drink water, and lose weight. Symptoms of Siamese and Oriental cats include liver hemorrhage, gastrointestinal disorders, and chronic kidney disease. Also, as with hepatitis symptoms, the levels of alanine amino transferase are high.

Although amyloidosis has different symptoms for each cat species, it has a high likelihood of developing between 1 and 5 years of age.

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Prevention and treatment of cat kidney disease

Amyloidosis is not transmitted because it is a hereditary disease, but it is passed on to kittens. It is important that this disease is detected early before the gene is spread due to reproduction. Blood and urine samples are the first step in the diagnosis. This sample should be taken and sent to the animal hospital. In addition, it is good to submit a copy of the line and the clinical report together.

The veterinarian tests whether the kidneys are inherently toxic. To check for proteinuria, a urine test is performed and the presence or absence of the kidney disease and the extent of the disease can be determined.

Diagnosis can be made by a small operation like a kidney biopsy. In some species, ultrasound may be performed to check for abnormal cysts in the kidneys.

Treatment of kidney disease includes pain relief and appropriate diet. The diet consists of feeds with less toxic metabolites and drugs that maximize kidney function. If the cat gets serious dehydration, it may be able to decontaminate to remove body fluids.

Excessive intake of cats' phosphorus ingredients can cause damage to the kidneys. Excessive intake can cause five times more damage to the kidneys.

According to a study released by the University of Munich researchers, high levels of phosphorus in cats' feeds can lead to increased creatinine clearance in cats. It is also known that cat food produced in Germany contains higher phosphorus than recommended.

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