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Cats chase insects, play with them, and sometimes eat them. They may not miss the slightest audible stimulus and vision that can easily detect movement.

Insects crawl on the grass or fly in the air and attract cat attention. Common insects are not harmful to naughty cats, but some are toxic. The following are insects that can be dangerous if the cat is eaten or stabbed.

1. Insects with bees, bees, etc.

Insects flying in cat eyes may look interesting, but they will be painful if stabbed. Usually, wasps and bees attack the opponent if they feel threatened. An allergic reaction is the most serious side effect that can occur when swallowed by wasps or bees. Severe anaphylactic shock can be seen.

Not all cats are allergic to this kind of toxicity, but it is best not to bring cats in places where hornets and bees live, such as tall grasses or shrubs. The cat licks the area if it is shot, but this makes the condition worse. In these cases, veterinarians recommend diphenhydramine, an antihistamine that alleviates allergic reactions. However, if there are strong side effects, you should immediately take them to the nearest veterinary clinic.

2. Gene

Small spines that are sometimes seen at home are harmless to cats. Generally, however, zines are poisonous, and they attack in order to catch food. According to the pet specialist 'Spruce Pet', large dogs can cats and cause local reactions, or serious complications such as fever.

Varieties such as Giant Redhead Genea and Texas Redhead Gene are fatal because they are highly toxic. Fortunately, it is unlikely to live in a residential area where people live. However, you should always look carefully at places where cats are active. Also, you should always check for signs of disease.

3. Scorpions

The cat hurts when it sucks on the scorpion. It usually causes local reactions, but in severe cases it can cause vomiting, dyspnea, and behavioral changes. Therefore, the owner should pay attention. If you live in an area where scorpions are routinely shown, you should make sure that the cat is playing with the scorpion. If a cat sucks on a scorpion, you should find a vet as soon as possible.

4. Firefly

Fireflies look like fireworks when they fly through the night sky. Fireflies look lovable in human eyes, but they are toxic to cats. When a lizard eats a firefly, it is fatal. Fireflies can shine because of the chemical called Lucy Bufangin. This substance is similar to toxic toxic toxin, and poison of poison toad can kill a cat with a single drop. Fortunately, however, cats do not usually hunt for fireflies.

5. Fireworks

Big black ants bite not only people but also cats, but they are not harmful enough. However, the petrified species is dangerous to cats. Fire ants are toxic and cause pain in the bite area, which can lead to severe allergic reactions leading to anaphylactic shock. If you are exposed to fireballs once or twice, you will have mild pain and swelling, but you will be cured within 1 to 2 days.

However, it is dangerous if a kitten touches a herd of fire ants. Because the fireballs emit toxicity to the cat body. If a cat is exposed to too much poison, it can die from paralysis. Therefore, if a cat is bitten by an antibiotic, care should be taken not to see anaphylactic shock.

6. Mosquito

It is possible that mosquitoes are infecting deadly heartworms to dogs and cats. This is a rare case and mosquitoes are generally not harmful. However, pets can also be prone to itching and infecting the bite when they are sniffed by mosquitoes. In general, mosquito bites are swollen red and inflamed.

The caregiver should be fully aware of the hazards posed by the various insects and cope appropriately if the cat suffers from insects.

It is especially important to use insecticides that are safe for pets. Normal pesticides can kill insects, but it can also be harmful to pets.

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