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[Pets] Cute hamsters to raise, from basic knowledge to be equipped

Hamster (Source: Pixar Bay)

Hamsters are small, lovely animals that fit snugly in the palm of your hand. Hamsters are perfect if you are thinking of raising your hairy pet, or if you have a young child and live in an apartment. It's easier to take care than a dog or a cat, but if you decide to raise a hamster, there are not a couple of things to worry about.

Before you visit a pet store near your pet to bring your lovely little friend home, find out the basic ways to care for a hamster in advance.

1. Be familiar with hamsters

According to the pet magazine 'PetMD', there are various types of hamsters that can be raised as pets, and their preferred living environments are also different. For example, Syrian hamsters tend to become violent when they become adults, so they should not be raised in pairs. On the other hand, Russian hamsters or Chinese hamsters should be raised in pairs, especially among the same species.

2. Prepare a large cage

Just because a pet is small does not mean it should be small. The size of the pet hamster cage should be at least 30cm ~ 38cm. In addition, exercise space should be provided separately so that hamsters do not get bored.

3. Do not make a bed with a stick

The best beds for pet hamsters should be made of vegetable paper fibers or cellulose fabrics. Since hamsters can cause respiratory illnesses, keep the beds out of smell.

4. Offering toys is essential

Hamsters are often trapped in cages, so if you do not do anything all day, you may end up boredom and die of stress. Inside the cage, go around the cage from time to time, putting a wheel or a ball that would interest the hamster.

5. Always provide healthy food

Some owners feed pellets (small pellets) for the health of hamsters, but fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains have a better impact on health. Fresh broccoli, parsley, apples, pears, carrots and turnips are good food for hamsters.

But there are some fruits and vegetables that hamsters should not eat. Hamsters, onions, garlic, leeks and spices such as lettuce, raw fish and orange is good not to give.

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