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Most people who raise birds at home do not know about the various health conditions that can occur with birds that they grow. No matter how well cared for in a cage, a bird is also an animal that can get sick. Birds need different nutrients than normal pets, sometimes emotionally stressed, tired, and sometimes depressed.

Symptoms that require attention

If a pet-bearing bird is sick or has a specific disease, it will show symptoms. Bird sickness can be transmitted to humans, and it can be very lethal, so be careful if you have any abnormal symptoms.

Symptoms that require treatment for birds include: ▲ tails clinging ▲ not sitting well ▲ secretions from the eyes and nose ▲ walking too much on the floor ▲ skin lesions and rash ▲ feather swelling up, If you see more than one of these, you should immediately take it to the hospital.

Common symptoms

Certain diseases that occur in birds are recognized as zoonotic infections, which means they are transmitted to humans. There is a law that should promptly report to authorities or hospital authorities to promptly treat and control these kinds of illnesses. Claviadia, especially, is one of the zoonotic infectious diseases and is very fatal if left untreated. People who come in contact with this diseased bird should be treated with antibiotics to prevent spread of the disease.

Yeast or other types of fungal infections are also common in birds. Although it appears only in one species, it will be very uncomfortable and unsightly to birds. Take the bird to the vet, prescribe the medicine, and treat the infection.

Other diseases are still under study and unfortunately we have not found any treatment.

This also applies to the beak and feather disease (PBFD) of the parrot family. This type of virus is transmitted to birds with no symptoms or signs, and the symptoms of the beak become deformed or the problem of feather growth occurs. If you are in any doubt about it, take it to your veterinarian for a consultation.

It is important to note that birds need special nutrients rather than other pets, so they must provide the right nutrients with food and supplements. Some owners do not pay attention to giving their pets the nutrients they need and feeding them. But this is obviously a problematic behavior and later leads to deficiency of vitamins and nutrients.

A lack of vitamin A or calcium appears in the state of feathers and rashes in the feet or skin. Therefore, when feeding birds, you should consult the experts. In most cases, the bird's paper may be an important criterion for selecting food, so ask the veterinarian for information.

Other factors affecting birds health

Some people may think nothing, but housewares can also be a threat to birds. Since lead is toxic to both humans and animals, exposure to this substance is fatal to both the owner and the bird. Therefore, when choosing a cage, let's choose something that contains little or no lead. Also, toys and accessories in the cage may be filled with zinc or lead, so be sure to look at the ingredients before buying to avoid exposure.

A substance called Teflon can cause a bird to die instantly. Teflon is a component contained in a kitchen utensil or iron. If you heat these things, remove the cage as far as possible so that the smoke of Teflon does not reach the birds.

Remember that most artificially produced substances are harmful to human or animal health. As a pet owner, it is an obligation not to expose birds to harmful substances or other health hazards. If you feed and protect your birds, you will have a good time with your pet.

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