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What kind of friends do humans want most? It will be a friend who can always spend time together regardless of whether the situation is good or bad. Even if you do not speak, your friend who is only comforted by being next to you, today 's puppy is attracting attention.

Indeed, a recent study showed that about 50% of Americans who raise puppies are more time-honored with puppies than others. Spending more time with dogs than people has been a major cause of reducing stress on interpersonal relationships and making the bad things that have gone through the day gone. Let's see why a dog is the best friend of humans.

Back in a tough situation

A recent study by Link's AKC (Link AKC), a smart dog collar manufacturer, found that puppies are overcoming five stressful situations a week for their puppies. They said they helped the dogs overcome sorrow when they broke up with their loved ones or loved ones died.

In fact, the presence of puppies is comforting when humans have experienced difficulties to overcome. The news that the painful feelings of upset dogs are gradually being resolved by the residents of Montecito, California, who have recently suffered natural disasters, confirm this assertion.

According to local SWNS reports, these dogs are specially trained puppies in a volunteer nonprofit organization, the Hope Animal Assisted Crisis Response, which is being overcame by disaster victims.

At least 18 people were killed in landslides that occurred in the area. A large number of houses were also destroyed, including houses of celebrities, Oprah Winfrey. At the time, Winfrey praised social media as a hero not only for humans but also for dogs. Steve Booth, Regional Director for the agency, explained that the animals were trained to address not only the emotions with the survivor but also other difficult situations.

Before the Montecito, there were more than 300 dogs in the disaster area in the United States that suffered hurricane Harvey, forehead, and Maria.

Source: Pixar Bay

Two-way relationship

Research also shows that about 60% of the caregivers believe that the relationship between dogs is strengthened by the way they care for themselves. About 82 percent said their emotional or mental health improved with their unique treatment provided by puppies.

Among the single population, there were puppies saying that they do not need other human partners. About 40% of the respondents said that the puppy was the only one that could be relied on when they lost their loved ones. About 20 percent of those who suffered from lovers and divorces said the puppy 's ball was big enough to overcome this situation.

However, puppies are not the only ones to be helpful in sad and sad situations. Eighty-eight percent of respondents rated themselves as better people because of puppies.

Physical enhancement

In addition to providing spiritual comfort and happiness, puppies are also a great help in maintaining physical health. Because it is a must to take a walk more than once a day, the protector can also go outdoors to exercise. In fact, 62 percent of the protesters said they would walk with the dog at least twice a day, and 69 percent said their daily physical activity improved their health.

Link Herbie Calves, chief marketing officer at AKC, emphasized that carers who raise puppies can benefit from physical, emotional and mental health benefits. The reason is that to raise a dog in the house is to acknowledge it as a member of the family, so we can make a lot of effort to communicate and interact with the dog.

Source: Peckles


In the survey, 55% of respondents pointed to the unconditional love of dogs as the reason for raising puppies. 81% said they talked and talked to the puppies as though they were human beings. Unmarried protégés were twice as likely to be stressed to talk to their puppy about their love affair.

In fact, 73% told their puppies about stories and anxieties that they could not tell others, and they thought they were the most trusted friends. In addition, 75% of the protesters said they did not like being away from the puppy, and 50% said they did not make a commitment to play with the puppy to play with the puppy.

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