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The yellow neck Amazon parrot is a pet that is popular with high intelligence and excellent language skills.

But like a man's adolescence, a yellow necked Amazon is not suitable for families with children because it is aggressive as it grows. The yellow neck Amazon has a bright yellow band on the neck and is named.

General Information

The scientific name is Amazona Orcosepala auropalia. It is commonly referred to as the Yellow-necked Parrot, the Golden-necked Amazon Parrot, etc. It lives in southern Mexico and Northwest Costa Rica.

Adult yellow neck Amazon can grow up to 40 cm from beak to tail end. The maximum life span for proper breeding is around 60 years. Some survive to 70-90 years.

The Yellow-necked Amazon is divided into two sub-species. One of them is the Honduras Yellow-necked Amazon, which lives in Honduras, Bay Islands, and Nacalla. Another subspecies is Roatan Yellow Necked Amazon, found in northern Honduras and Roatan.

Physical feature

Yellow neck Amazon has yellow bands behind its neck, with bangs and crests with yellow bands. There are also species with red spots on their wings. Most yellow-necked Amazon is light green, but rarely has a white background behind its neck on a blue background. The yellow neck Amazon with this color mutation is trading at a high price of $ 30,000.

Yellow neck Amazon features a short tail on a black beak. On the underside there are red and dark green stripes. Yellow neck Amazon can fly, but if you breed it tends to get lazy and fat. This creature develops prominently in the breasts when it grows in a narrow place.

▲ a pair of yellow neck amazon (Source: Pixar Bay)


The yellow neck Amazon is very intelligent and has a strong bond with the owner. Since childhood, we can feed on human hands. This breed does not make as loud as other parrots, but it sometimes cries out loud and speaks with a pronunciation that is similar to that of a man. Because the yellow throat amazon can learn a little bit of profanity, the masters should be careful when speaking in front of this creature.

Yellow-necked Amazon experiences a period of hormonal excess before it reaches sexual maturity. The yellow neck Amazon of this period may grow too much, and this period may last up to two years. And at this time it is known to bite people and express various aggressive behaviors. This is a prominent tendency in males, and some act exaggeratedly than other birds. For this reason, it is better to keep females at home with children.

Protection and management

Yellow neck Amazon encourages skilled people to grow. This breed needs considerable attention and needs to interact for a certain period of time each day. Only through this method can you maintain healthy bonds and health with the Yellow-necked Amazon.

If the owner is left alone, he or she may be depressed or show a pattern of destructive behavior, pulling hair or burying people.


The yellow neck Amazon needs a cage that is large enough to move or play. The inside of the cage should be equipped with ladders, perches, and toys that you can play with when you do not have a master. The perch is a rough texture rather than a soft material, good for foot and leg health.

Yellow neck Amazon feeding?

The yellow neck Amazon can become obese if raised, and can cause tumors or other serious diseases. This leads to a shortened life span, which should provide a healthy diet and an environment in which to exercise. Ideal feed is a mixture of seeds. You should also provide fruits and vegetables that can supplement the required amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Yellow-necked Amazon exercising

Yellow neck Amazon should be able to play for hours outside the cage to consume calories and strengthen muscles. Exercise can prevent obesity and is good for mental health. The Yellow Neck The Amazon needs to be constantly involved in various activities because it feels bored easily.

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