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One of the reasons that puppies eat grass is a sudden change in mood (Source = Flickr)

If you tell a story that does not make much sense, it is called 'the sound of eating grass.' That is, dogs do not eat grass well. Suddenly If a puppy grazes on a grass, it could be a sign of a health problem.

Why do dogs eat grass?

Dogs show strange behavior eating their own excrement, but there are times when they eat abnormal things. One of them is grass.

A somewhat strange behavior in eating grass is called a transplant. According to Pet Med MD, a transplant is a behavior in which a dog eats something other than food. Progesterone may mean a dog's nutrient deficiency, but it can be a sign that it is boring.

If you see a dog with a strong carnivorous suddenly eating a grass in the garden, you may be puzzled.

Good food for puppies

If the puppy eats grass, it should improve digestion, cure intestinal parasites, and fill up unmet nutrients, including fiber. Some experts believe that four-footed animals may also like the taste of grass.

Because dogs are known to be inherently omnivorous eating grass and eating meat, they need balanced food to maintain their health. Although dog cousins, coyotes, and various wild canine stomachs can find food roots, grasses, fruits, and fruits in their stomachs, home-grown dogs must manage their diet to eat protein-based food.

In addition to maintaining a balanced diet, it is necessary to feed the deodorant. If you eat apples such as vegetables, as well as vegetables such as cooked lettuce, beans, and carrots, you can eliminate the dog's bad breath.

If a grassy puppy vomits

If a puppy vomits immediately after eating grass, the owner thinks something is wrong. When puppies get out of their stomachs, they have a habit of eating and vomiting grass to heal themselves. However, there is a claim that dogs are not smart enough to find and eat grass to treat themselves.

Most dogs vomit immediately after eating grass, but some dogs do not. Spruce pets explain that dogs that do not vomit immediately after eating grass will enjoy a grassy, ​​vegetable-like taste.

There is another opinion that dogs that eat leaves are to eat and find vitamins that are not included in the feed provided by the owner.

Veterinarians say this behavior is not a problem and is not a problem. It's a little strange, but it's not something to worry about. However, if you are still worried, you may want to talk to your veterinarian about the symptoms of eating grass.

If you watch the behavior of puppy behavior and there is no change, you can provide a healthy whitgrass.

▲ You can correct the behavior of eating grass by exercising puppy (Source = Flickr)

Risks that may occur when a puppy eats grass

The behavior of a puppy who nibbles a piece of indoor plant can be dangerous. Indoor plants are toxic to not only dogs but also common pets.

Check the website of the National Animal Pollution Control Center (NAPCC), a list of toxic and non-toxic plants, to check for the risk of a plant around a dog. And if you look at a bit about indoor plants, you will soon be able to identify plants that are not harmful to your dog.

If a dog likes to chew grass, it can be a problem, because it can eat grass that has been treated with chemicals. It is good to give a snack instead of grass. Or you can change your pet's diet to include fiber. It is a good idea to listen to the veterinarian's opinion before replacing regular feed with high fiber content.

You can distribute your attention to other objects, such as frisbee or toys, and if you suspect that the puppy is boring and eating grass, you can exercise. You can make your dog more active by doing a lot of exercise.

If a dog eats grass and vomits for more than two consecutive days, it should be taken to the vet immediately. It can be a sign of abdominal pain that can turn into a chronic disease, parasite infection, or even a more serious disease.

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