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As the outdoor activities increase in the mild spring weather, more and more people are going out with pets. However, veterinarians advise that in spring the pets should pay particular attention to their health.

Risk factors for spring outings

For example, flowers on the roadside, grasses, fertilizers and pesticides sprayed on these plants are very harmful to the health of pets.

Sprouting grass in the spring can be dangerous even if the medicines are not bombarded. This is because there are harmful fungi on both humans and animals.

The grass and grass also carry ticks, fleas, etc. on the pet's body. These insects hide between the fur of a pet and do not look well.

Particular attention should be given to puppies' traps and traps around the farm. On the farm there are many people who are trapped to prevent access to other wildlife to protect their newborn lambs.

If you are a caretaker, you should be careful not to let the cats get trapped in the warehouse of the surrounding buildings. Warehouse managers or farmers can lock the door without knowing that the cat is coming in and resting.

Pet health care in spring and summer

The American Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals provides spring pet health care guidelines for pet owners to keep their pets healthy.

1. Keep puppies and cats from reaching toxic plants such as lilies. When a dog or cat ingests a lily, it can lead to death in the worst case.

2. Do not let dogs or cats bite the grass too much. Moreover, if a dog or cat grabs artificial grass, it may cause intestinal obstruction, digestive tract disease, severe vomiting, and dehydration.

3. In spring and summer, most homes open windows and doors and ventilate for a long time. Set up a pet door separately for puppies and cats so that they do not run away, and put a mosquito net or a security window on the window.

4. Dogs like to walk out of the window and feel the wind when riding in the car. However, when the car is running at a high speed, be careful not to let your dog out of the car window because dust, stones, insects, small birds,

Also, if the car suddenly stops or turns, there is a risk that the puppy will spring out of the window. Therefore, when boarding a dog or vehicle, use a cage, a kennel, or a seat belt.

5. Spring and summer are the seasons of cleanup. All detergents and chemicals should be kept out of reach of dogs or cats. These chemicals are not very good for the health of dogs or cats, and in the worst case pets can die. Therefore, you should know how to use it and use it safely.

In the spring and summer, home remodeling and DIY furniture are often made. Paint is also toxic and pungent to pets, so be careful. Power tools such as staplers, insulation, and blades can cause injury to the body of a pet. Therefore, when doing this, you must take steps to prevent your pet from coming close.

6. There are many people who decorate the garden or veranda with flower beds. Fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides can harm the health of pets.

Famous dog trainer Caesar Milan advised dogs and cats to choose a safe plant type when growing plants at home. Avoid hyacinth, tulip, daffodil and lily varieties.

7. Spring is also the season for allergies. This is true not only for humans but also for dogs and cats. Many dogs and cats are allergic to food, dust, plants and pollen. Therefore, if your pet shows symptoms such as itching, sneezing, runny nose, shortness of breath, you should immediately seek a vet.

8. During this time, pets should be given vaccinations and insecticides. In addition, you should talk with your veterinarian about the age of your pet, your usual habits, whether you have a chronic illness or not, and make a new vaccination and remedial plan.

9. Finally, make sure that your pet's microchip or external identification tag is working and contains the pet's latest contact information.

In spring and summer, people and pets should be careful not to lose their pets and not to hurt their pets because it is a time for outdoor activities and everyone is on vacation.

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