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A cat that is generally considered clean. It is because of the grooming habit of licking his own hair. However, it is not only the hair of oneself. Sometimes they lick their fur's hair, which is called allogrooming.

A natural routine

The licking of hair itself is part of the cat's life. When a kitten is born, the mother cat begins to remove the amniotic sac and lick the kitten's hair for breath control. It also licks the anus to control bowel movements, all of which are also called 'tongue massage'.

Cats that have been hairdressed by their mothers since their childhood begin to groom while licking their hair directly at a certain age. And I act like licking other cats, and I can see the licking of the mother and the cow cat, as if to repay the love I received from my parents.


As mentioned earlier, aloe grooming is a very natural behavior among cats. Cats have both the agility of crawling up the shelves and the flexibility to act like yoga, but there are still areas where their tongue and legs do not fit in body structure. This is one of the reasons why cats lick each other.

Even with neurosurgery, this licking behavior continues. This is because the purpose of the aloe grooming itself is not related to the sex of the cat. The unusual thing is that licking behavior among male cats is more frequent than females.

The cat's tongue, which is used to groom, is a dry, rough piece that can be distributed to other parts of the body while stimulating the sebaceous glands on the skin's soaring feet.

Observing these grooming behaviors can be surprisingly interesting. It is the grooming hierarchy between cats. Usually, older cats look at the hair of a young kitten. The cat that is grooming is in a standing posture, while the grooming cat is sitting or lying down. Fossom Kitty, a cat-based media, also said that such an all-grooming could include aggressive behavior between cats. Rudd van denbos, who has been studying aloglumming, also explained that cats use aloe grooming to relax their limited aggression and tension.

Protection Role

In addition to grooming for hair care, cats also lick their hair to protect themselves from other predators. In the wild, mother cats lick their hairs in a manner that is avoidable from potential hazards, especially in the wild.

Grooming for humans

Compared to dogs, cats are known to have a somewhat cool and indifferent nature, but they are tender and affectionate enough to lick their guardians. Guardians also take this behavior as an expression of love and affection.

Especially, the figure licking a person he likes can be seen as a representative signal expressing affection. It can be interpreted as the embrace of the so-called cat version. If the kitten shows you a gesture of licking yourself, you are very proud to be a protector. This is because it means that the cat thinks about the existence of the caregiver comfortably and safely, and accepts it as a member of his family.

In addition, licking to relieve the anxiety of the protector, and conversely, to relieve his anxiety, obsessively licking behavior is shown. This is called Feline Hyperesthesia. In other words, when stressed, licking your hair will relieve stress and make you feel comfortable.

They also lick objects that they think are their property. Ichiro, like pissing to mark the space, behaves like rubbing or licking his head toward something he or she wants to own. This is an expression of affection for what he owns. If it is toward a person, it means that the person is important to him. If a cat smells another cat to his or her caregiver, it may show a distant gesture because it assumes the caregiver has another cat.

However, if the cat feels that it is licking too much, or if it does not, then it is effective to have a toy, a reward, and a play time to correct the cat's attention.

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