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[Pet] Pet hamster bath method


It is important to keep your pets clean with regular baths. Especially if you are an animal playing with mud pits, bathing is essential. However, in the case of small animals such as hamsters, the general bathing method of washing with water is not suitable.

When washing hamsters, water should be used only in urgent situations. Hamsters are not water-loving animals and can not swim. Even in the depth of a few inches of water, you may feel uneasy and may ask your master in response.

The owners of the hamsters do not bathe, so they can think that the hamster smells bad. "Hamsters have a choice in the side, but it is not a strong smell," says Dr. Franklin Ratner, a veterinary doctor. If the owner feels a bad stench in the hamster, he should take it to the hospital immediately because it may be due to a tumor, infection or diarrhea. Also, wet bedding sawdust inside the cage may be the cause. While the hamster is grooming itself, bedding sawdust or feces can stick to the hair, so keep the cage clean.

In order not to use water and take a bath, the hamster should wipe dry areas that can not be groomed by soaking a soft cloth in dry shampoo. Be careful not to enter your eyes and mouth at this time. If you have to use water, be sure to wash it in a shallow dish with a minimal amount of water.

Samantha Drake, a pet magazine PetMD, advised, "After bathing, carefully wipe the hair with a soft towel until it is dry and return it to the cage." In addition to dry shampoo and water, sand or dirt baths that can absorb the grease and moisture of hair are safe bathing methods for hamsters. It is recommended that you take a bath with professional sand for bathing rather than soil that may cause respiratory problems.

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