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When a couple divorces, there will be legal agreement on custody of the child if there is a child. This is one of the many steps that must be taken at divorce and can be a long and fierce legal dispute.

A quarrel between a couple and a child's caregiver can be a persistent force to force a child to choose a mother or father. And you can even end up in front of your children a horrible act of blaming or scolding your opponent.

This behavior is called 'parental alienation syndrome'. This is a phenomenon in which one parent declares that the other parent is terrible or disgusting with the intention of taking up a child and that the child is overly tied to one parent but the other parent has a refusal without justifiable reason.

Justice Parker, a judge at the Family Court in London's High Court in London, said, "I think it's terrible for parents to control a child."

Parental divorce, what would you do to your children?

Parker said, "Parental divorce can distort not only the relationship between children and parents, but also the relationship between children and society."

Parental bulimia syndrome is considered a criminal act in Brazil and Mexico as it has an adverse effect on the mental health of the child. In Canada and the United States, the Child Care Coordinator is also working to improve relationships with marginalized children and parents.

According to the UK's Family Court and Counseling and Support Services Team (Cafcass), many parents are actively pushing their children for child custody, and about 125,000 cases have been reported annually.

About 11 to 15 percent of divorced couples with children are related to parental bullying syndrome. In the United States, 1% of couples and children are suffering from this problem.

Sarah Parsons, a member of the Children's Family Court Advisory and Support Services team, said, "We created a 12-week test program for positive parenting for divorced couples." The purpose of this program is to eliminate the destructive behavior patterns of the home.

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What is Parental Disorder?

Parental bulimia syndrome theory was developed in 1985 by psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Richard A. Gardner.

Dr. Jayne Major, a psychiatrist, defined Gardner's observations as "the act of coordinating or brainwashing a child as a mother or father removes another parent in front of the child."

Dr. Gardner summarized Parental Disorder Syndrome (PAS) in three ways:

First, Dr. Gardner considered PAS a sort of "disability" in child custody matters.

Second, Dr. Gardner pointed out that "when the child begins to blame the parents for no reason, it is the early signal of the PAS."

Third, if a child starts to blame a parent after the parents start brainwashing the child, it is because of PAS. "Parental bulimia syndrome is the most serious form of child abuse and neglect," Major said. Divorced parents have been teaching parents for 30 years for the mental health of their children and have also created a curriculum on the theme of 'child care breakthrough'.

What causes parental bulimia syndrome

Dr. Danal analyzed the cause of the parental bulimia syndrome as follows.

1. Children can have negative thoughts about their parents, either mother or father, if the parents explain the details of the divorce to their children.

2. Do not allow a parent to take things such as books or toys you want your child to take when you move out

3. Explain to your child that you should suddenly talk about adoption or change your name

4. Forcing a child to choose which of his parents to live with can cause significant pain for the child.

5. One parent tells the child to get information about the other parent

"We need to educate the children of divorced families about their problems and do everything they can to prevent the outbreak of parental blindness," he said.

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It is good for the children who have already been hurt to calmly explain to the eye level that the child can understand.

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